Amada Home Care Locations

Amada Senior Care has over 100 locations throughout the United States.

Enter your zip code below to find a caregiver near you, or call 877.442.6232 and one of our representatives will help you find the best care solution for your unique situation. You can also reach out to our nearest location to receive your free caregiver guide!

Need In-Home Care?

At Amada, we not only provide home care for seniors – we also help with long-term care insurance claims and Veteran’s pensions like the Aid and Attendance benefit. Contact us today to see how we can help you! 877-44-AMADA

Amada Senior Care is your one-stop shop for all of your home care and general senior care needs. Our locations provide in home care, advising for senior housing options, home monitoring and other technology based solutions, and help with financial care coordination.

Home care by Amada Senior Care is different. Our goal is to help seniors thrive and live independently in their own homes, and to increase their overall quality of life. By utilizing our proprietary software, we passively monitor a senior’s ongoing condition so that their loved ones or medical supervisors can log-in, day or night, to check on their status. We screen for and hire only the best caregivers – and Amada clients will tell you our caregivers are patient, warm, understanding, and hard working. Excellent home care can’t happen any other way.

If you or someone you know needs in home care, check the map above to see if we have a location in your area. If no location is listed near you, call 877-44-AMADA and we can help you get the best quality of home care for you or your loved one.