Amada Senior Care Bucks and Montgomery Counties

Amada Senior Care in Bucks and Montgomery Counties

According to Vince Froncek and Rich Wright, owners of Amada Senior Care in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, there are a number of factors that make their team uniquely well-qualified to see you and your family through all of our senior care needs.

The team at Amada in Bucks and Montgomery County also has an extensive background as caregivers, themselves. Rich was a Navy medic for five years, and spent time at the VA hospital caring for seniors. He says, “Now, I have the opportunity to serve my country and our seniors once again.” Vince has spent more than 15 years in healthcare: first as a paramedic and then as a nurse. He has seen first-hand how difficult it is for many people to get the care they need at home. As a paramedic, he sometimes was called to a home where there was no emergency, “Just someone without the resources they needed.” When he was a nurse, he saw how difficult the discharge process could be, because he never knew whether patients had the proper resources and help at home, but to go home was all that most patients wanted. Vince says, “Even when they’re sick, home is where people want to be.” Now, he and Rich are able to make sure that seniors in their community have the support they need to live safely in their homes.

In addition to compassionate in-home care, the team at Amada in Bucks and Montgomery county also provides senior housing advisory services, financial counseling to help families pay for senior care, and other services to help your loved ones age with dignity. We proudly serve families in Maple Glen, Southampton, Langhorne, Warrington, Mechanicsville, New Hope, Silverdale, New Britain, Montgomeryville, Abington, and surrounding communities.


Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:


If you or someone you love could use assistance with activities of daily living like those listed here, we would love to tell you more about how Amada in Bucks and Montgomery County can help make life safer and more comfortable. It is our mission to provide seniors with the help they need without compromising their dignity and to enrich their lives with genuine companionship. To learn more, please contact Amada for a Free Care Needs Consultation.

Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Experts

Review Policies and Verify Benefits
Long-term care insurance can be very complicated, especially when you don’t understand your policy. We can help you make sense of it all so that you can get the care you need.
Process Claims and Submit Paperwork
The experts at the Amada LTCi Resource Center can help you file claims and complete other paperwork properly and quickly to minimize any delays in your care.
Your Personal LTCi Advocates
When you are trying to use LTCi benefits for yourself or someone you love, it really helps to have an advocate on your side. Your Amada support system has direct contacts with insurance carriers and administrators, and we’ll call them personally to ensure you get the care you deserve.
Benefit Assignments and Payment Monitoring
At Amada, it is our goal to make your entire senior care experience as stress-free as we can. We can help you assign LTCi benefits with a customized plan of care and even monitor your payments so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our Commitment

At Amada Senior Care in Bucks and Montgomery County, our family is committed to caring for your family and supporting you as you navigate senior care. We’ve been in your shoes, and we understand that there is no room for error when it comes to caring for someone you love. We promise to provide quality, compassionate care for your beloved senior, and we encourage you to rely on us to guide you with kindness and wisdom.


“Let our family care for yours.”

Rich Wright and Vince Froncek Owners of Amada Senior Care Bucks and Montgomery Counties

Rich Wright and Vince Froncek

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by R. Yacovelli on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada Sr. Care/Bucks-Montgomery Counties

After my beloved 89 year old Aunt took ill suddenly with many issues, including Dementia which included a hospital stay and rehab as long as insurance would allow, I, as her primary caregiver, was in a position to seek professional care for her and her 56 year old challenged daughter who also lives with her. I did not want to automatically place her in a nursing home and take her away from all that she had for so many years being in her home with her challenged daughter. I was told about several home care services but was wary about leaving her with "strangers" when I or members of our family could not be around. After speaking to them all, I came to Amada and spoke directly to owner, Richard Wright. I could tell immediately he was not just vested in his business and that he along with his team had all the excellent credentials, but that he was passionate about what he did as well. That spoke volumes after talking to other sr. care services. He immediately asked all the right questions without me having to give all the details and then set up an in person interview to meet my Aunt at the rehab/nursing home she was in and to talk to me directly. I knew I was making the right choice for her to be released and have her care in the hands of Amada. And it was the best choice I could make. As Rich had promised, his staff was excellent in every way and my Aunt and her daughter felt they were like family in their home as did I. They did an excellent job in every way and did far more for them than I could ever have hoped for or expected. Their caregiving and skills and expertise were not only professional, but they were equally as kind and personal and caring. Rich, I can't thank you enough for helping me in so many ways on this journey with our loved one. I highly recommend Rich and his excellent staff at Amada for Sr. Caregiving and this is truly a sincere heartfelt message of Thanks to you Rich and your team. THANK YOU.

by Nancy Mongelli on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Great Care

I needed 24 hour assistance and was very pleased with the aides I had.
I would highly recommend this company!

by Kimberly Holmes on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I have worked for Amada care for about two years....wonderful company to work for...Rich is the best boss anyone can ask for...and his compassion for the care of his clients is over the top. He is very understanding and very involved....

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Senior Housing Advising

As co-owner of Amada in Bucks and Montgomery County, Vince Froncek, says, “Home is where people want to be.” Unfortunately, for some of the seniors we work with, the home they have known for years is no longer the ideal environment. In these cases, we guide seniors and their families to the senior housing community that will provide the level of care they require—plus that “something extra” that makes it feel like home.

Whether a senior requires the assistance and access to medical care provided by a nursing home, or will be more likely to thrive in an assisted living community that offers a more independent lifestyle, we’ll be able to direct them to the right place to meet their needs.

Through our own personal experiences as well as our years of professional experience as senior housing advisers in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, we understand that the proper level of physical care may well extend a senior’s life—but care alone is not enough to extend a senior’s quality of life. Because we get to know each of our clients and their loved ones on a personal level, we are able to help them find the new home that aligns best with their location needs, style of socialization, hobbies and activity level, and other factors essential to their enjoyment of life.

We realize that many of our clients feel that their senior housing options are limited by their budgets, but we never want financial concerns prevent seniors from moving to the community of their choice. We have become experts at helping families explore all potential resources to help them pay for senior care, including veterans’ benefits, long-term care insurance, and even life insurance policies. You might be pleasantly surprised by how affordable senior housing can be with our help!

The move to an assisted living environment is an emotional time for seniors as well as their loved ones, but is made easier with the right support. We can help you find the ideal new home for your loved one and refer you to:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call

Home Care Technology

When a senior you love just wants to be at home, but you are concerned that a lack of supervision will compromise his or her safety, it can feel impossible to find a solution that everyone can live with. Fortunately, Amada Senior Care has developed a revolutionary new method of remote care in our BeClose home monitoring system.

BeClose isn’t a single product—it’s a combination of products each family customizes to fit their needs. Some of the most popular options include indoor and outdoor cameras, button-less fall and emergency alarms to notify help, automated door locks, medication monitors, and even automated thermostats. Each device in the BeClose line is designed to be easy to use and non-obtrusive, so once the system is in place a senior can go about the day just like he or she always has. The entire BeClose system provides family members with real-time updates through a mobile app, so they can always know their loved one is safe and comfortable. BeClose will also notify families if changes in a senior’s behavior reflect a need to re-evaluate their care plan.

With BeClose by Amada, your senior can be home and you can be assured of their safety. If you’d like to learn more about our state-of-the-art BeClose monitoring system, Click Here for a Free Consultation with a Member of the Amada Team.

Another way Amada leads the senior care industry through technology is our Transparent online portal system. Families can log on to Transparent any time using personal IDs and passwords to see updates on caregiver duties, their loved one’s ADLs, and more.

Veterans Assistance Programs

Financial Aid for Veterans
Veterans Assistance Programs
We can help navigate your VA benefits
Financial Aid for America's Veterans

At Amada Senior Care in Bucks and Montgomery County, we have made it our business to become experts in senior care financing options. In fact, we often help clients take advantage of programs and benefits they never knew existed, such as the VA Aid and Attendance benefit. Aid and Attendance provides monthly financial support to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who require assistance with activities of daily living. If you’d like to learn more about VA benefits like Aid and Attendance and others, Click here for a Free Veteran’s Care Needs Consultation.

Who is Eligible for Aid and Attendance?

1. Military Service
  • To qualify, a veteran must have served a minimum of 90 days’ active duty, with at least one of those days served during a time of war.
  • Veterans with dishonorable discharge do not qualify.
2. Personal Care Needs
  • Aid and Attendance is specifically for veterans or spouses who require help with ADLs from another person.
  • ADLs may include walking or mobility, bathing, eating, food preparation, and more.
3. Income
  • Qualified applicants must currently spend the majority of their income on care.
  • The percentage of income currently spent on care will determine the benefits they receive, up to a set maximum.
4. Assets
  • Applicant’s assets must not exceed a limit established by the VA.
  • The VA determines this limit based on age, financial need, and other key factors.
How VA Aid and Attendance Benefits can Help You:

For many of our clients and their families, Aid and Attendance provides significant relief from the financial burdens of senior care. These benefits are:

  • Paid monthly by the US Treasury, and sent directly to the claimant.
  • Not required to be paid back as long as claimant is eligible.
  • Tax free.
  • Paid in addition to military pensions.

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