Are You an Amada Senior Care Caliber Caregiver?

Amada Senior Care is looking for GREAT caregivers that are up to the challenge of meeting our high standards of care. What do we look for in our caregivers? We call it our 6 Cs of being a great caregiver.

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Find a In-Home Senior Caregiver - Amada Senior Care
  • Amada caregivers feel it is their calling in life to be a caregiver, not just a job.
  • Our caregivers show genuine kindness and concern for others and look to fulfill our clients’ emotional as well as physical needs.


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  • Amada caregivers possess the knowledge, experience and training to provide excellent care.
  • They are competent in all necessary caregiving skills.
  • They present themselves well and dress professionally.


Assisted Living - Amada Senior Care
  • Amada caregivers are proactive in asking questions.
  • They address any issues our clients have.
  • They truly listen and answer questions thoughtfully.
  • They feel a sense of urgency and responsibility about making our clients feel as comfortable as possible.


Find a In home caregiver with Amada Senior Care
  • Amada caregivers are committed to doing their best to navigate delicate and challenging care situations.
  • They are trustworthy, resourceful and hard-working.


Amada Senior care- Help with Long Term Care
  • Amada caregivers are confident in their abilities, yet still willing to listen to and learn about each client’s unique needs and preferences.
  • They are not hesitant or fearful about engaging with or providing assistance to clients.
  • They do not assume they know more about what a client needs than the client themselves or their family members.


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  • Amada caregivers are nurturing and foster a sense of connection and camaraderie with those we care for.
  • Their warmth helps clients understand how much we appreciate them.