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Amada Senior Care Franchise Locations are Independently Owned and Operated


John and Johanna Paschal,
owners of Amada Senior Care North San Antonio, know from personal experience that it can be nearly impossible for families to find the best senior care for their loved one without guidance and access to the proper resources.

According to John, “Like many of the families we work with at Amada, I didn’t really think about my parents getting older. Then my mother took a bad fall and was hospitalized. As her discharge approached, I found myself working with my sister and my wife to find the best care option for my mother. We hadn’t done any planning for this kind of situation, and had no idea what resources were out there to help us. We managed to find a few places that could care for my mother, but because we were rushed, we felt forced to settle for a lower quality of care than she deserved. We felt confusion. We felt pain. And we felt guilt.”

Johanna adds, “At that time, we were so concerned for John’s mother as we frantically searched for the right way to care for her. It was so hard—until we found Amada. The Amada team we worked with helped us find the right resources to see our family through this difficult time, and that’s what we want to do for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way and treat you like one of our own.”

At Amada Senior Care North San Antonio, we are dedicated to helping each family we work with find the ideal senior care options for their unique situations. For some, this means matching them with the home-care aide who will best complement a senior’s personality and help with activities of daily living. If living at home is no longer the right option for a beloved senior, we will guide him or her to the assisted living facility that best meet his or her physical, emotional, and financial needs.

John, Johanna, and the rest of our Amada team don’t want other families to feel that their options are limited because they need to formulate a care plan quickly. We also never families to compromise the level of care a senior receives due to financial concerns. We have become experts at helping our clients find the best ways to pay for quality senior care and can help you make use of long-term care insurance, veterans’ benefits, and even life insurance policies to ensure your loved one receives the care he or she deserves. We can also help clients and their families plan ahead for potential senior care needs in the future.

Our goal at Amada Senior Care North San Antonio is to ensure that each of the seniors we serve is able to age with dignity and live in safety, comfort, and happiness.

We proudly serve families in San Antonio, Stone Oak, Schertz, Alamo Heights, Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne, Castle Hills, and surrounding communities.


Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:


Could you or a senior you love in the North San Antonio area benefit from assistance with activities of daily living? At Amada Senior Care, we develop a care plan for each of our clients that is tailored to meet their unique needs, then we match them with a home-care aide who will provide them with the help, companionship, and compassion they deserve. To learn more about this and all of the other senior care options we offer, please contact Amada for a Free Care Needs Consultation.


Long-Term Care Insurance Experts

Review Policies and Verify Benefits
We want to make sure you understand your long-term care insurance policy so that you can use it most effectively. The experts at Amada can help you make sense of your policy and verify the benefits you are entitled to.
Process Claims and Submit Paperwork
Let us help you complete LTCi claims and other paperwork quickly so that we can reduce or even eliminate delays in your care.
Your Personal LTCi Advocates
We have formed relationships with most long-term care insurance carriers and administrators, and we call our contacts directly to personally advocate for our clients.
Benefit Assignments and Payment Monitoring
At Amada, our job is to reduce your stress and alleviate your burdens. We can help you assign your LTCi benefits effectively, monitor payments, or even directly bill carriers so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Our Commitment

At Amada Senior Care North San Antonio, we are committed to guiding seniors and their families through every step of senior care. We know from personal experience that the emotional and financial stress of trying to find the best care for a beloved senior can be overwhelming. When it comes to caring for someone you love, “good enough” is not an option. Please rely on our Amada team to support you and your family and help you find the senior care plan that will allow you to feel confident that you have done right by your love done.

“You need to feel certain that your loved one is receiving the highest quality of care.”

Johanna and John Paschal Owners of Amada Senior Care North San Antonio, TX

Johanna and John Paschal

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 63 reviews

I chose Amada because they gave an excellent presentation about their services. The aides have always cared about me and performed services professionally. Amada's services are excellent and I have always thought they were performed with compassion.

by Nancy and Bill D. on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada was recommended to us by one of our close friends. We appreciate our caregiver, Rick, so much. We are so fortunate that Amada was able to find and match him up with us. The entire staff has been very helpful.

Amada came very highly recommended to me. I am perfectly satisfied with my care. The caregivers have been pleasant to work with and getting my errands done is a huge plus! But what I appreciate most is that I am able to go back to church with their help!

I am very happy with Amada. Brenda is VERY VERY good and helpful!

I have been using Amada for almost 2 years now and am very happy with the quality of service. All of the caregivers and staff are dependable and caring.

We were referred to Amada by mom's assisted living. Both of mom's caregivers are caring and attentive individuals. The staff are all very polite, respectful, helpful, and prompt. I love that they are always trying to help and are quick to solve any issue that comes up.

The quality of services have been great! I've already recommended Amada to several others and will continue to do so.

We chose to use Amada after having a conversation with John about the advantages of having long term care insurance. We are very fond of the two regular caregivers we have. No complaints!

by Sally and Jerry R. on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Our son helped us check out 4 different senior care agencies, but after a great meeting with John, we decided to go with Amada. Our caregiver, Yolanda, has been outstanding! She's like family to us! As far as we're concerned, Amada is #1 in senior care and we would recommend you to everyone.

After speaking with John, we didn't feel the need to speak with any other agencies. Kind, considerate, and capable services.

I chose to use Amada because John was very clear with his explanation of services and was very knowledgeable, sincere, and honest with me. The staff have been great! Their willingness to address and resolve any concerns shows that they are truly there for us. Thank you Amada!

My caregiver, Dorothy, is the BEST!

by Shirley W. on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada was recommended by the independent living that my mom is currently at. The Amada office staff is very receptive to my mom's needs and any requests that we have. Her caregivers are both very knowledgeable and my mom enjoys them so much. We've come a long way from my mom just agreeing to a 1-month trial when we were first signing up.

After interviewing John, I didn't feel the need to look any further. Amada totally met and exceeded my expectations! I appreciated every aspect of the service. It was a HUGE relief having Amada around to help with the care of my husband.

Amada's caregivers are well trained and reliable. Even when a caregiver was unable to make a shift, there was always a replacement ready to go.

FIVE stars

I was referred to Amada Senior Care and appreciate the overall quality of service. FIVE stars across the board!

Professional, personable

We were leaving town for three weeks and were worried about leaving my brother alone in his house after he fell several times. I called AMADA and was immediately scheduled for an in-home appointment with my brother and AMADA owner, John Paschal. After an hour of discussing our needs, we had caregivers scheduled and ready to go. They arrived on time each day, helped with household chores that were difficult for my brother, drove him to the store in his car, helped with meals and positively interacted with him. Five Stars!!

Competent and Courteous

Amada was recommended by my Long Term Care Insurance company. The overall quality of services is definitely a 10 with emphasis on the caregiver's timely arrival, competence and courteous nature.

Highly Recommend

I was referred by a friend in the health field when an emergency need arose. Excellent services were provided for my mom on very short notice. I would highly recommend Amada.

Great Services

Amada provides great services for their clients. The staff is caring and hard working. I highly recommend them for you or your loved one.

Highly Recommend

Our service with Amada was great! The care providers were very punctual and pleasant. We highly recommend their services.

Excellent Care Providers

Amada came highly recommended. The immediate response by a live person when an emergency arose is what mattered most. Thank you so much for being so compassionate in the short time you took care of my father and in the time after his passing.

Excellent Communication

I was in need of home care for my wife and was referred by the hospital care managers. I chose Amada from the very first conversation on the phone with the owner. The level of communication and care by the owners, care coordinator and caregivers was excellent. I highly recommend Amada for your loved one.

by Elizabeth W. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
10+++++ Service

It's hard to pick just on thing about the excellent service. What initially convinced me to choose Amada was John's absolutely fantastic efforts he made to get the ball rolling with our Long Term Care Insurance Company. These efforts removed the financial burden and worry from my shoulders and resulted in our getting maximum amount from our insurance. Amada's scheduling of caregivers always went very smooth and they always ensured our needs were being met. The actual caregivers we had were priceless, just outstanding...they had become like family! Really, your business is without equal, I have only good thoughts and memories with the service provided for my husband. When my turn comes, rest assured Amada will be the first I call. Thank you Elizabeth W.

Amada's response time, caregiver's work ethic and overall quality of service is excellent.

by Happy Client on Amada Senior Care Reviews

My husband needed care upon discharge from rehab. We had several choices, but immediately we were treated in a professional and trustworthy manner by Amada, and that made our decision an easy one. The selection of caregivers and extensive background checks also gave us confidence. We truly appreciated the kindness and concern for our welfare and our needs being met on a continuing basis.

by Nichole E.- Senior Living Sales Consultant on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Partnership With Peace of Mind

As a professional, it is imperative that I have reputable, dependable, and validated resources to refer people to when they are considering Senior Living options. The Amada team is just that. I know I can refer them with complete peace of mind for an optimum experience, continuing that trust that has been built! The knowledge, experience, and reputation that this team executes faithfully and professionally is my personal top recommendation for anyone considering care options-honestly, you will not need to look any further!

We were referred by a friend that only gives referrals to best companies. The care and service Amada provided didn't disappoint! We needed to arrange for care at the last minute and on a holiday weekend for my father; John and Johanna did everything possible to make it happen, for which we are very grateful. The caregivers, Carole and Shay were excellent, so kind and compassionate. Service was excellent. Thank you Amada!

by Larry and Donna W on Amada Senior Care Reviews

We would definitely recommend Amada North to our family and friends. We appreciate their competent, friendly caregivers and especially love our regular caregiver, Karen! We also appreciate the long term care insurance interface-initial activation and on-going filing of claims.

Amada North San Antonio has been a great home care provider for Mom. John and Johanna Paschal (company owners) have taken a personal interest in working with me and Mom. More importantly, Mom's main caregiver, Barbara , has been fantastic. Everyone with Amada has treated Mom as if Mom is their own Mom. Very caring in every way. I would recommend Amada North to anyone seeking a caregiver for a friend or family member.

This is a team of wonderful and caring individuals. that have provided care for both my father and my mother. I can never thank them enough.

Amada was recommended by a friend that used their services. Thank goodness I called! We were in need of care and specifically needed assistance with activating our Long Term Care insurance policy. John took care of the initial call for activation, helped us complete the start of care claim documents and they continue to process my claims on a regular basis. Amada customizes our schedule to meet our specific needs. The compassion of our caregiver is outstanding and the office staff is always cheerful and shows great patience with any needs we have.

by Lynn McCoy on Amada Senior Care Reviews
First Class Senior Care

After our mother had a sudden hospitalization and rehab stay last fall, we began wading through the list of senior care organizations. Thank goodness we ended up with Amada Senior Care. To begin with, we appreciate the fact that we can always get a friendly person on the phone when we have a question or need to request a change in the schedule. It is evident that they truly care. That level of care is also reflected in the kind of professional, compassionate caregivers they hire. I don't know what we would do without our mom's caregiver, Linda. She is the best!

by Marian Musser on Amada Senior Care Reviews

AMADA Senior Care has been a life saver for my husband and me. Their caregivers have helped with his care for over two years and for me the last six months. AMADA caregivers are caring, compassionate people who are selected with care. They are extremely competent and skilled. I recommend Amada to anyone in need of assistance with every day living.

by Mary Ellen Jablonski on Amada Senior Care Reviews

About ten months ago, I heard about Amada from a casual acquaintance and then again when referred by a local rehab hospital. The office staff has been prompt, efficient and accommodating at a moments notice when extra care is needed. Most recently, I was able to go out of town with confidence knowing my parents would be safe and secure in the hands of Amada and their care team. Thank you Amada for taking amazing care of my parents!

Love appreciation!!!

As an employee..... If not daily, then in the least, once a week. I/we are always being motivated by the way our office personnel constantly compliments us on doing a great job!!! Thank you Amanda for giving me the opportunity to work with you and your family of clients!!!

Long Term Experts

I signed up for care after attending an impressive Long Term Care presentation by John at my senior community. John was very thorough when assisting with my Long Term Care Policy activation and made it easy for me to understand. Amada is always willing to help and answer any of my questions. Their caregiver's compassion and work ethic are a 10 in my book!

Amada North San Antonio is excellent! My caregiver, Carmen, was terrific. What was appreciated most was the constant attention and follow up to all my concerns.

Amada's thoughtfulness for their clients, as well as employees, speaks volumes about their compassion with senior care in our community. Amada North San Antonio is a wonderful company!

Excellent and prompt service assisting with Long Term Care activation and filing the required documents on a consistent basis.

by Laura Bradshaw Yarbrough on Amada Senior Care Reviews
We would be lost without Amada

When it comes to taking care of our parents, my siblings and I would be absolutely lost without the expert guidance of Amada Senior Care. John and Johanna reviewed our parent's long-term care insurance policies and helped us gain the maximum benefits available. They suggested an independent living facility that met our parent's (and our) needs. Amada provides daily caregivers who give our parents loving and compassionate assistance with their everyday needs. When we are ready to move up to the next tier of senior care, we know that John and Johanna will be there to guide us every step of the way. Thank you - we couldn't do it without you!

Amada has been great! With the assistance of their compassionate caregivers, my husband and I maintain some of our independence; we are able to remain somewhat active and social. We highly recommend Amada for your care needs.

Best Home Health Company to work for!!!

I LOVE working for this company. I have worked for several different home health companies throughout my career and I have to say that walking into Amada Senior Care North San Antonio was like walking into my own home. The entire staff from John and Johana to the office girls were nothing but kind and caring and made me feel at home. Their professionalism was superb and i felt welcomed.They are definately a team atmosphere. As for client care and scheduling me for client care they were very accommadating to the hours i needed. I have felt valued and accepted with this company. I would highly recommend Amada to anyone looking for a good honest reliable company and wouldn't hesitate to hire them to take care for my own family member as well.

Exceptional Care

John is very impressionable and quick to respond. The caregivers are great and the office staff is exceptional.

Amada North was strongly recommended by our trusted family physician. Amada is great, I appreciate the fact that John Paschal dropped everything to give us fast, courteous and personal service. I would highly recommend Amada Senior Care North services!

Amada is doing an excellent job. I appreciate the personalized service and my Caregiver is outstanding!!!

by Les LeBleu on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I would like to express our happiness and gratitude with our caregiver... Sandra also is a great team player and works very well with all those involved in Dad's care. She has built a relationship with everyone she meets.
I appreciate the management and staff responsiveness.

Exceptional Service

Everyone I interacted with gave exceptional service! I could not ask for better service. The caregiver gave warm and compassionate care to my father who has a traumatic brain injury.

- Dr. Rao

by Kameron Chicoine on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Kameron Chicoine

I met John and Johnna with Amada Senior Care and I saw immediately the passion they have in caring for seniors.I recently referred a personal friends to Amada Senior Care and John assisted them with care in the home and was able to help them review their long term care policy. Every time I see my friend she talks about how kind and caring John was in a time of great need.

by chris harris on Amada Senior Care Reviews
chris harris

It is a great place to work everyone really cares about you and is ready to help in any way that they can....if I could do more stars I would

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Senior Housing Advising

Some families begin discussing senior care and assisted living long before they are necessary, so they have plenty of time to weigh all of their options. For other families, however, an incident such as a bad fall or health crisis can suddenly present a need for senior care for which they were not prepared. At Amada Senior Care North San Antonio, our senior housing advisory team has extensive experience in this area and we are confident we can guide you and your family to the right placement, regardless of your unique situation.

There are so many senior housing options available to our clients in this area that we recommend immediately narrowing their searches according to the level of care each type of community provides. For example, if a client wants to transition to an environment with fewer responsibilities and more social opportunities, an assisted living community is more likely to offer the lifestyle they seek. If a client requires a higher level of care and assistance with ADLs or needs access to complex medical services, a nursing home or skilled nursing facility might be a more appropriate placement.

Our personal and professional experiences with residential care and assisted living facilities in and around North San Antonio has given us insight into the daily workings of each place that can only be gathered over time. We use this knowledge to guide seniors to the environment best suited for their personal needs and preferences. It is essential that we consider factors such as a senior’s style of socialization, activity level, location preferences, and cultural background so that we can help them find the right fit.

Whether you and your family are investigating senior housing options you don’t anticipate needing for years into the future, or you need to quickly find a place where your senior loved one can receive the care he or she deserves, cost is likely to be a major concern. At Amada, we want every senior to receive the highest quality of care, so we have become experts at helping families explore all payment options available to them. With our guidance to resources like veterans’ benefits, long-term care insurance, and even life insurance policies, many Amada clients have been able to afford to move to the community of their choice.

At Amada, we never recommend our clients to an assisted living community or nursing home that we would not feel confident moving our own loved ones to. Contact us to learn more about senior housing options in the North San Antonio area, such as:


  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call


Veterans Assistance Programs

Financial Aid for Veterans
Veterans Assistance Programs
We can help navigate your VA benefits
Financial Aid for America's Veterans

At Amada Senior Care North San Antonio, we want to make sure each of our clients makes full use of all resources to help them pay for the care they deserve. For our clients who are wartime veterans or surviving spouses of wartime veterans, one especially helpful program is the VA Aid and Attendance benefit. Aid and Attendance provides monthly financial support to pay for assistance with activities of daily living, and can make a huge difference it the lives of many of our clients. To learn more about this and other senior care benefits for service members, please Click here for a Free Veteran’s Care Needs Consultation.

Aid and Attendance Eligibility

1. Military Service
  • To qualify for Aid and Attendance, a veteran must have served at least 90 days’ active duty, with at least one of those days served during a time of war.
  • Veterans with a dishonorable discharge are not eligible for this benefit.
2. Personal Care Needs
  • Claimants of this benefit must currently require help from another person to complete activities of daily living.
  • These ADLs may include transportation, shopping, bathing, eating, meal preparation, and more.
3. Income
  • Eligible applicants must spend the majority of their income on care.
  • Up to a set maximum, benefits are awarded relative to the percentage of income spent on care.
4. Assets
  • Claimants’ assets must be below a limit established by the VA.
  • This limit is determined on a case-by-case basis according to factors such as age and financial need of the applicant.
How VA Aid and Attendance Benefits can Help You:

If you or your loved one is a wartime veteran or surviving spouse of a wartime veteran, VA benefits can provide you with significant financial support for senior care. These benefits are:

  • Tax free.
  • Paid directly to claimants by the United States Treasury every month.
  • Paid in addition to military pensions.

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