“Confidently Humble” is one of the Six Core Values we practice daily at Amada Senior Care. To us, it means that “we accomplish our goals with a sense of grounded optimism, understanding that we can always change for the better.”

The start of the New Year invites us to do just that — to make thoughtful changes that further improve our service to seniors and their families. But as the New Year begins, we know we’re not the only ones making changes. Our franchise partners across the country have had conversations with the seniors and families about the changes they’re going to be making this year. Here are 10 impactful resolutions to help seniors live life to the fullest:

1. Taking Care of Your Well-Being

“Be healthy and stay healthy. This means eating healthy foods, being physically active, being social in a community setting and keeping a positive outlook on life.”

D.R. Salerno
Owner of
Amada Orange County North

2. Serving the Community

“Volunteer more in your local community. There is a plethora of admirable organizations where you can volunteer and make a truly positive impact with the senior community we are serving.”

Asa Shuey
Owner of Amada Greater Wichita

3. Traveling to Enhance Quality of Life

“Someone who is a primary caregiver—particularly when the person is a family member—often experiences higher levels of stress. For this reason, it’s important to affirm a primary caregiver’s desire to fulfill a deep desire or bucket list wish. Let me explain: I have been living intergenerationally with my parents for the past five years. Thus, my perspective is from a daughter’s point of view, and I appreciate their point of view as we journey through life together. My mom is the primary caregiver for my dad who was diagnosed with dementia in 2010. Dad has lost his problem-solving skills and is fully dependent on my mom for most things. Mom is aging and realizes her time is limited. Her wish has always been to go to Israel—as a follower of Jesus, she wants to see the Holy Land and walk where our Savior has walked.

“Taking a trip of this nature involves so much planning with regards to my dad and our intergenerational family; however, we are all working together to make this happen for her. This will be the longest time period my mom will be away from my dad. We are all fully aware there may be some tough days through this long trip. My dad may digress as well by not having his normal routine with my mom. His regular caregiver (we do get some caregiving respite during the week) will be on hand and other family members are coming to assist. This is a life goal for my mom that we hope will be fulfilled in 2019. I hope other primary caregivers work with their “tribe/family” to achieve at least one of their life goals.”

Kimberly Akers, CSA
Owner of Amada Mesa

4. Prioritizing What Brings You Joy

“Recently I started a women’s group for those who are trying to improve themselves from the foundation up. One thing that I think resonates with every person on one level or another is this: find the things that give you joy and prioritize those things. So many people put other’s happiness before themselves, but prioritizing activities, people and things that bring you joy will help you live longer and perform your responsibilities better at work or home. Going out of your way to bring yourself joy is something that helps us all be the best version of ourselves.”

Liz Crews, MHA
Director of Sales & Marketing at Amada Northern Colorado

5. Communicating and Sharing Moments

“Never underestimate the power of communication with others! Create and cherish these moments. Sharing wisdom is uplifting and can improve self-esteem AND we gain gifts of treasured stories and history!”

Johanna Paschal
Owner of Amada San Antonio

6. Talking to Loved Ones About Future Care

“Have those important conversations with family members this year. Tell yourself, ‘I promise to have an honest conversation with my loved ones about my future needs. I will have a frank conversation to learn about and discuss my options. I know starting the conversation will be hard. But once I start the conversation it will be easier.’”

Robert Appel
Owner of Amada Boston MetroWest

7. Embracing Technology

“Embrace technology. A senior I know was having vision trouble and would lose her phone occasionally. She would have to wait until someone came home to find it. Another senior I know who is dealing with Parkinson’s watched the same channel on TV all day since he couldn’t turn on the TV because of functional limitations due to the disease. I was able to help them use a virtual assistant (Amazon Echo or Google Home) to find her phone and help him turn the TV on, change the channel, etc.

“When set up correctly, these devices can actually be used as a lifeline or medical alert. They also can turn lights on or off, activate security systems and even call and talk to family members. Technology is making it much easier to ‘age in place;’ we just have to use it to our advantage.”

James Bernoski
Owner of Amada Lexington

8. Spending More Time with Grandkids

“Spend more time with the grandkids and family. Most older adults can agree that there is nothing quite as special as spending time with the grandchildren. But you shouldn’t only meet on holidays and special occasions. Staying connected with the grandkids on a regular basis will strengthen the bond between the family and keep the entire family closer together. This year, consider gathering with your loved ones every other week to catch up.”

Greg Farley
Owner of Amada Northwest Indiana

9. Guarding Against Falls

“We all need to help our seniors guard against falls. One in every three older adults falls each year—and falls are a leading cause of injuries and death among older adults. Exercise—even for just 10 minutes a day (walking or working out with an elastic band, etc.) can increase strength, balance and flexibility and help the senior avoid falls.

“Also ask your senior loved one’s healthcare provider to check that any prescribed medication might make it more likely for her or him to fall. Our caregivers help seniors eliminate items in their homes that are easy to trip over, like throw rugs and electrical cords. Families of seniors can have grab bars installed in the bathtub or shower and have bright night lights placed to create a safer home environment.”

Judy Basler
Owner of Amada Chester County

10. Reviewing and Updating Family Documents

“It’s very important to use this time of the year to review and update family documents and directives and to make sure all-important documents are completed. These would include: 1) Advanced Directives or POLST (physician orders for life-sustaining treatment), 2) Healthcare Power of Attorney, 3) Financial Power of Attorney, 4) Will, 5) Estate Plan, and 6) Revocable Trust.”

Alan Waters
Owner of Amada North Atlanta


Amada’s Commitment to Senior Resolutions

The thought and care that goes into in-home senior living are very important. The well-being of your senior loved one is always our first priority. New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition of setting personal intentions for self-improvement. Our team of caregivers is dedicated to not just the mental health of their senior clients, but also to their physical, social and emotional enrichment. Contact us today for a free care needs consultation.


“10 New Year’s Resolutions to Enrich a Senior’s Life”,” compiled by Michelle Flores, Amada contributor.