Specialized Care to Support Birmingham Seniors

Are you or a loved one facing special challenges? Amada Birmingham can provide personalized care to meet your needs in Birmingham, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Alabaster, Pelham, Center Point, Irondale, Leeds and beyond.

Our expert Amada Birmingham CareTeam and experienced, reliable caregivers always customize every client’s care plan and ensure a great fit with consistent caregivers. But we also specialize in addressing complex situations, ranging from critical UTIs to CHF and diabetes management to Parkinson’s. We do not charge differently based on the complexity of the care. So, you always know you are getting the care you need however your needs evolve.

At Amada, we practice “See Something, Say Something” where our caregivers are trained to alert our home office and the client’s family if the caregiver detects anything out of the ordinary occurring in the home. Whether it is a broken appliance, a client’s decline in health, or supplies are running low – we can address the issue hopefully before it becomes a problem.


Urinary Tract Infections are a particularly prevalent and problematic issue for seniors. UTIs can occur more frequently and are much more dangerous for the elderly than for other age groups. Bladder infections can cause severe confusion and loss of balance which can result in other medication challenges and increased fall risks for diagnosed seniors. We have had clients request home care after a deceptively simple UTI landed them in the hospital. Fortunately, our trained and proactive caregivers are trained to recognize the symptoms of a potential UTI and encourage senior clients to take preventative steps like drinking fluids to stay hydrated and avoid infection.


Though CHF is a chronic condition, with the right support at home senior clients who are managing its symptoms can live healthy and productive lives. The expert Amada Birmingham CareTeam and proactive caregivers excel at providing the support needed to assist seniors in managing CHF symptoms. Our caregivers have the knowledge and training to look for classic signs of concerning symptoms like weakness, coughing, sudden weight gain, and changes in the frequency of urination. Because of their training, our proactive caregivers understand the difference between symptoms of a CHF event needing immediate attention versus anxiety or stress and letting the senior client it is time to rest.


We completely understand how overwhelming it can feel to be diagnosed with and manage the symptoms of diabetes, particularly geriatric diabetes as diagnosed in people over 65. It can be very scary to face daily monitoring of a chronic illness with such severe complications as kidney disease, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, etc.  and others.

The great news is that Amada’s care expertise and proactive caregivers consistently give that extra level of vigilance to avoid hypoglycemic incidents and help you and your family remain worry-free. We help you create a personal, easy-to-follow care plan based on best practices:

  • Ensure regular appointments with your primary care physician and Home Health if applicable
  • Help the client in monitoring his/her insulin and blood glucose levels to avoid low blood sugar
  • Remind clients to take medications at designated times
  • Encourage clients to follow healthy meals plans and nutritional guidance prescribed by their doctor
  • Encourage drinking lots of fluids and tracking hydration
  • Promote foot care by checking for sores and encouraging closed-toe shoes or slippers with cushioned soles
  • Inform family members about signs of diabetes-related cognitive decline (confusion, forgetfulness, depression)
  • Encourage pursuing healthy physical activities such as walking, gardening and any prescribed exercise program, as well as hobbies that might help ease stress


We know that managing Parkinson’s is a daunting task, especially as each stage brings different challenges. We are committed to working with senior Parkinson’s clients all the way through which is why we do not charge differently based upon complexity. Our goal is to match you with a consistent caregiver or caregivers (depending on total hours) who can be with you on your entire journey.  All our caregivers are trained in the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and how they impact activities of daily living. We also are dedicated to working closely with family caregivers to support their physical and emotional needs as their loved one progresses through disease stages.

Our Amada Birmingham CareTeam’s expertise and proactive, reliable caregivers offer specialized Parkinson’s care by:

  • Helping the client maintain regular appointments with the primary care physician, neurologist or other Amada Birmingham CareTeam professionals, and Home Health if applicable
  • Continuingly reviewing the home environment for possible safety and quality of life modifications, including keeping pathways open, clearing obstacles, and removing unsteady decor or rugs
  • Flagging when/if additional medical device equipment (grab bars, walking or ambulation assistance) would be helpful
  • Reminding clients to take prescribed medications at designated times
  • Assisting clients to follow the dietary plan set forth by their physician, and helping with feeding as necessary (checking the consistency of solids and liquids and the size of each bite)
  • Encouraging communication, ambulation, social activities, and social involvement as much as possible
  • Informing the Amada Birmingham CareTeam and family members if they see signs of changing symptoms
  • Assisting with physical or speech therapy exercises as prescribed
  • Encouraging physical activities such as walking or gardening or a prescribed exercise program, or hobbies that might ease stress

Countless clients and families across Birmingham and the surrounding areas have trusted us with their specialized home care needs. To learn more about how we customize caregiving at Amada Birmingham, call us today at 205-208-9466.  As Long-Term Care Insurance experts and approved VA home care providers, we work closely with private-pay families and LTCi companies like Genworth to provide options on making home care affordable. We would love to show you what a difference our expertise and reliable caregiving can make!