Long-Term Care Insurance Expertise in Birmingham  

Understanding LTCI Policies for Home Care and Assisted Living

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out your LTCI policy? You and your family are not alone in wondering about how to pay for the costs of in-home care. Amada Birmingham can help navigate the complexities of long-term care insurance (LTCI or LTC) and other funding options. Amada Birmingham can help.

Trusted Resource for Families, Agents, and LTCI Services

Using Long-Term Care Insurance policies for home care can be complicated and confusing without the right expertise. For years, Amada has been the number one trusted resource for families and agents of Genworth, John Hancock, CNA, Blue Cross, Allianz, Bankers Life, TransAmerica and many more. Several of Alabama’s largest agents of Long-Term Care Insurance trust their own families with Amada. We serve clients across the Birmingham area including Hoover, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Alabaster, Pelham, Center Point, Irondale, and Leeds. We specialize in working through LTCI policies ensuring that your LTCI policy, insurance agent’s recommendations, and family members’ needs are met.

Comprehensive Support and Personalized Service

The owner of Amada Birmingham, Len Everts, personally meets with every Long-Term Care Insurance policyholder and escorts the family through every step of the benefits review and claims management process to make sure you get everything you deserve and maximize the benefits of the policy.

Maximizing LTCI Policy Benefits

We will help you understand your LTC insurance by reviewing your policy and paying special attention to features, such as inflation riders and home modification benefits, that increase your policy value.

Furthermore, we can structure services around elimination periods to quickly get you the help you need from in-home care including toileting, personal care, and other activities of daily living.

Streamlined Processes and Advocacy

At Amada, we can speak directly to and file paperwork with your insurance company to save time and cut through red tape. We support you by:

  • Coaching and sitting with you for the nurse’s assessment.
  • Coordinating with your doctors and other providers for all needed documentation.
  • Billing your policy directly and accurately to reduce your need to manage cash flow and aid in managing the cost of long-term care.

Advocating for Your Care Needs

We will be honest with you and our track record speaks for itself — after nine years in business, we have never been denied a claim where our experts believe a client warranted home care! We firmly believe that you deserve to use policies you have paid into for decades and we work diligently to ensure you do!

Insights and Tips for LTCI Policyholders

Here are the three things we wish everyone knew about their long-term care policies:

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Policy! 

Your benefit period can last longer than what is printed on your policy depending on how you use it and you can use it for short periods following surgery, Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, or dire medical situations.

Consult Us or Another Expert if You Receive a Premium Increase Letter  

Rate increase letters are incredibly confusing and it can be difficult to determine the best option for you and your family.  If you get rate premium increase letters, contact us!  We are happy to share insights and make suggestions gleaned from working with hundreds of policies.

There are many things you can do besides cancel or lower the policy benefit. We specialize in long-term care partnership and underwriting, ensuring that your LTCI policy remains viable and affordable.

Explore Additional Policy Benefits

Policies can include money for home modifications, monthly cash payments, and more but they are buried and can take an expert eye to find. We have experienced the confusion of using long-term care insurance with our own families — it is one reason we decided to provide at-home senior care so that we can assist you and your family.

Contact Us for Expert LTCI Guidance

Please trust us as countless Birmingham families and Alabama long-term care insurance agents have. Call us at 205-208-9466 to learn more about your policy totally free of charge, whether or not you are interested in home care. We help you get the long-term care services you need.  Just ask for Len and a free long-term care insurance policy review.