Fall Risk Prevention for Birmingham Seniors  

How much do you know about preventing senior falls, either for yourself or an elderly loved one?

Taking care of our beloved seniors involves ensuring their safety, especially when it comes to preventing falls. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights that falls are a major cause of injury among Americans aged 65 and older. These falls not only impact physical health but can also significantly affect seniors’ overall quality of life. In Alabama, stringent policies mandate 24/7 care for individuals at risk of falling in independent and assisted living facilities, underscoring the seriousness of this concern.

Amada Birmingham’s Approach

At Amada Birmingham, our Fall Risk Program is tailored to address this pressing issue. We help you manage one of the biggest risks to healthy and happy aging. Falls often precipitate much greater declines and being at risk for falling can force dramatic lifestyle changes. Fortunately, small adjustments and caregiving help can go a long way! At Amada Birmingham, we assist seniors who are managing chronic conditions that might make them more susceptible to falls.

From Hoover to Mountain Brook, Homewood to Vestavia Hills, our expertise has supported numerous seniors through recovery, medication adjustments, and conditions resulting from fall risk determinations.

How We Navigate the Risk of Falling

Understanding the common causes and risk factors associated with falls is crucial. Medical conditions, medication side effects, and improper footwear significantly contribute to the risk of falling. To offer comprehensive support, we provide free Home Modification Care Kits aimed at enhancing your home’s safety and comfort. Moreover, our caregivers are proficient in stabilization exercises, working closely with seniors to make these exercises enjoyable and effective.

Our Dedication to Collaborative Care

Collaboration plays a pivotal role in preventing falls among older adults. We work closely with healthcare professionals, including Home Health services, doctors, and living facilities, to ensure a holistic approach to fall prevention. Our caregivers are experienced in utilizing tools such as gait belts and Hoyer lifts, offering invaluable assistance to seniors in need.

How We Empower Seniors to Age Gracefully in Their Own Homes

The fear of falling and its consequences can be overwhelming for seniors and their families. Our aim is to alleviate this fear by empowering seniors with the knowledge and resources to minimize their risk of falls. As experts in Long-Term Care Insurance and approved VA home care providers, we are committed to showcasing the tangible difference our expertise and dedicated caregiving team can make in preserving independence and well-being.

Preventing falls is a priority for public health. These incidents lead not only to physical injuries, such as hip fractures but also result in substantial medical costs and a decline in overall health. We help you understand your risk of falling. Through our Fall Risk Program, we endeavor to reduce the number of falls and fall-related injuries among older adults in Birmingham Alabama.

Learn How Amada Birmingham Helps Today

To learn more about preventing falls and preserving your independence, call us today at 205-208-9466.  As Long-Term Care Insurance experts and approved VA home care providers, we would love to show you what a difference our senior care expertise and reliable caregiving team can make!