Amada Senior Care is built upon six core values: 1) Compassionate and Charitable, 2) Competitively driven to be the best, 3) Urgency in all things, 4) Entrepreneurial farmer mentality, 5) Confidently humble, and 6) Grateful. What this means is that Amada Senior Care partners with, hires, and promotes those who demonstrate these traits.

What this time of pandemic has taught us is that we might have our core values in the wrong order. First in our hearts is Grateful. As an organization, from each franchise office led by independent owners around the country to every employee supporting them at the corporate level—we are incredibly grateful.

We are grateful to be able to serve senior clients, their families, our caregivers and staff, and others during this time and to be counted on as an essential resource in our communities.

We are grateful to all of our partners in the healthcare industry who trust us to help them support their senior clients in achieving the best outcomes in their continuum of care.

We are beyond grateful for our team of caregivers whose passion for and commitment to seniors make the Amada Senior Care name synonymous with exceptional home care. CEO tafa jefferson

“We want to tell you how thankful we are for you and how grateful we are to have wonderful staff here at Amada Senior Care,” said Amada co-founder and CEO Tafa Jefferson in a video message to caregivers. “Thank you so much for the work you do for our clients, allowing them to age in place.”

What follows are just a few examples of caregiving grace provided by our caregivers that demonstrate they are indeed the “heart and hands” behind the Amada logo.


When COVID began in 2020, Corazon “Cora” Santiago had been working with a particular client for some time. Being very reliable, she did everything to ensure he was always properly taken care of. She would go above and beyond in keeping up communication with the Amada staff and his family on how he was doing and if he needed anything. Her client ended up being sent to the hospital and was diagnosed with COVID. Cora herself ended up contracting COVID. She was out for several months due to this illness. The entire time she kept in contact with the office staff on how she was feeling and when she would be able to return.

Cora is someone that has many positive qualities as a caregiver and as a person. Aside from being reliable, loyal and dedicated to her clients, she is an overall pleasant person with a positive attitude. She is outgoing, friendly, warm, and makes anyone who is around her smile. All of us at Amada feel honored to have her as one of our caregivers.

Edward DuBorg
Owner of Amada Lehigh Valley (PA)


Emily Harty has driven to senior clients’ homes when we had lots of snow just to say hi and make sure they are okay. As we all have experienced with COVID-19, Emily always made sure everyone stayed healthy and safe. She even helped clients make fun masks to wear to lift their spirits.

One client needed to be taken to the ER, but his wife was feeling ill after dialysis, so Emily drove him. Later, she took the client home, made sure he was situated for the night and that his wife was okay. During a heatwave the next week, the wife called Emily as she was headed to the ER because she did not want to leave her husband alone. They had no air conditioning and she was not sure when she would be home. Emily brought her own fans to the client’s house and looked after her client until his wife came home.

​Kimberlee Crosby
Owner of Amada Vancouver (WA)


Zinah Scott joined us at a time when going into random people’s homes wasn’t high on anyone’s list because of Covid. But Zinah was not afraid to go anywhere we sent her, and her confidence and competence led her to quickly become a regular for two of our clients who absolutely love her dearly. Anytime we send her to a new client as a fill-in caregiver, we can expect a request for her as a regular caregiver or anytime a fill-in is needed.

Zinah’s bubbly personality, caring heart, and congenial demeanor make her a natural caregiver. We received a commendation from the niece of one client living in a community. Says Joan, “Zinah is my eyes and ears in that facility. I don’t know what we’d do without her! We totally trust her.” This is just one of many commendations we have received about Zinah. We’re literally sending her thank you cards and gift cards on a weekly basis.

Kelly Fehr
Owner of Amada Nashville (TN)


Lorene Jones has been an angel to our clients. Throughout Covid, she never missed a shift and was always available to pick up extra hours when needed. Her clients adore her and she has truly become an integral part of their lives.

Our client’s family member said it best: “For the past year, Lorene has been caring for my Uncle Bob in my home. She is a wonderful example of everything you could want in a caregiver. Her devotion to Bob and his needs is obvious, and her attention to his happiness and well-being shines through everyday. She is self-motivated and self-directed, but always happy to accommodate anything special we ask of her. She is always willing to fill in if she can when we need her. Bob loves her and we all appreciate her so much. She truly cares for Bob the person, not just as a client, and we feel blessed to have her as part of our family!”

Lorene truly has a servant’s heart, as she has never called off a shift. She has driven through floods and parked her car blocks away to get to a client. Lorene always has a smile on her face and brightens up her client’s day. Her commitment, compassion and competence in caring for her clients is extraordinary, especially during these uncertain times of pandemic. We show our appreciation for Lorene often, and we are proud she is the face of Amada who demonstrates our 6 Cs of Caregiving—Compassion, Competence, Communication, Commitment, Confident Humbleness, and Congeniality.

Jeanine Nestor
Senior Care Advisor


In support of caregivers, healthcare workers and first responders

Mental health providers are taking the lessons learned from 9/11 to create effective care programs for public emergency responders, healthcare workers and other essential workers during Covid to deal with the PTSD and depression some are experiencing. Around the world, many report feeling anxiety over long hours, the high risk of infection, and feelings of uncertainty, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

During this incredibly challenging time, there can never be enough positive messages to continue bolstering the spirits and morale of healthcare workers, essential workers, first responders, and caregivers. So keep sending thank you cards and emails, post encouraging words on social media, make a blood or plasma donation, call a healthcare worker you know personally, and wave and smile to those in scrubs. All these little acts of kindness and more tell them that they are making a difference and that they matter.

“Leading with Gratitude – Thank You to Our Caregivers,” edited by Michelle Flores, Amada blog contributor.