Although summer is almost over, it’s important to know that your house can still reach sweltering temperatures. To avoid potential health complications like heatstroke and dehydration, it is important for you to keep your home comfortably cool. It is just as important to take safety precautions while outside and exposed to the sun. Here are some easy ways to keep yourself cool and safe through the last days of summer.

Adjust Your Air-Conditioning

One solution many people are not too keen on is letting the air conditioner run. Rather than turning off the AC when you leave your home, keep it on and slightly adjust the temperature instead. If you’re worried about keeping your energy bill low, try raising the temperature a little bit. Going from 74 degrees to 78 degrees can make a huge difference in your bill, while keeping your house cool and comfortable for when you come back. Don’t have an air-conditioner or can’t afford to leave yours on all day? There are other simple methods to keep your home cool, like a window air unit or a fan.

Position Your Fan Correctly

If the fan you are currently using doesn’t feel like it provides enough air flow, try placing it near an open window. The fresh breeze flowing through your windows, combined with the powerful air from a quality fan can be all you need to feel cooler and improve your day.

The fan’s position does matter and will determine if this method proves successful or not. Your fan should be facing outward to maximize the amount of cool air coming into your home. If your fan isn’t the correct size for your window, there are many small model window fans to fit your needs perfectly.

Keep Your Body Cool at Night

People often don’t realize that the bed they sleep in and the sheets they use have an impact on their body temperature. The materials used for both mattresses and sheets determine how hot or cold you’ll be at night; and with thicker material, more heat will be generated and trapped.

To avoid restless sleep brought on by hot summer nights, you may need to replace your mattress. Look for models that can regulate your temperature and keep you cool at night, then it’ll allow you to always get the perfect night’s rest. You can also add sheets made of airy fabrics such as cotton and silk, which help to improve airflow while in bed.

Shut Your Blinds

Although natural sunlight is beautiful, it is one of the reasons that your house gets warmer than usual. Open blinds allow sunrays to stream directly into your home and create solar heat. Simply closing your blinds prevents the rays from coming in and raising the temperature of your home. If closing your blinds doesn’t seem to help the amount of heat generated by the sunlight, try a variety of alternate solar-blocking items to get the job done.

Stay Safe at Home

Staying cool while inside your house is important in keeping you healthy and happier overall. If you start to find yourself unable to keep safe in your home without some assistance, inform a loved one and find a caregiver who can help you as needed. Please remember to utilize these tips for staying safe and healthy as this summer comes to an end.

“A Senior’s Guide to Keeping Cool at the End of Summer,” by Jennifer Woodruff, Amada Blog contributor.