Amada Senior Care offers respite care services to provide family caregivers with a much-deserved (and much-needed) break for self-care.

Caregiving by a family member is done out of deep love and respect. While taking care of a family member who is aging or ill often is spiritually rewarding, it can also be exhausting and emotionally draining at times. Family caregivers should not feel selfish when they need time for themselves, because maintaining their own health is key to managing their role. Extended periods of time without a break can lead a family caregiver to start feeling burned out, depressed and isolated.

Respite services can make a significant positive impact on our clients and their families. An Amada caregiver can provide the personalized and compassionate care your loved one needs, giving the family caregiver some time away for necessary self-care like hair appointments, exercising at the gym, visiting a friend, or going on a shopping trip. Having breaks from the everyday grind of caregiving and its challenging responsibilities will help you recharge your spiritual, emotional, and physical batteries.

Many family caregivers find themselves feeling less stressed, having more patience, and enjoying renewed energy and focus after they’ve had a healthy break. Studies support this and suggest that respite breaks make a family member a better and more fulfilled caregiver. Relying on an Amada caregiver at some level will ensure your loved one keeps to a schedule while having his or her unique needs met.

Depending on the needs of clients and families, home respite care can be scheduled on a regular basis or for special times—such as travel out of town or attendance at an event. In addition, outside-the-home respite programs may be available at an adult daycare center or an overnight memory care camp. Talk to your local Amada senior advisor to learn more about how respite care services can benefit your loved one and support your efforts as a family caregiver.


When a loved one begins hospice care or palliative care, family caregiver burnout becomes a reality. Family caregivers’ lives become increasingly strained under the challenges of providing the best care possible during a period when everyone’s emotions typically run high and families are at their most vulnerable. 

Both hospice care and palliative care provide comfort, but there is a difference between the two. Palliative care—often called “whole person care”—is care that relieves the symptoms of a disease or a disorder, whether the person is expected to recover. Hospice care—also referred to as end-of-life care or late-stage care—is a specific type of palliative care for people who likely have six months or less to live.

When an elderly loved one enters palliative or hospice care, family caregivers may not realize how important it is to have support beyond family and friends from a trained caregiver who has specific education and knowledge, as well as a bottomless well of compassion. An Amada caregiver can provide not only assistance and respite but also peace of mind and empathy to clients and family members under stress. Having that assistance enables loved ones to be the best family caregivers they can be. This is especially true when family members who are present for an end-of-life situation experience conflicted feelings that do not foster the best environment for their loved ones.

Amada senior advisors and care providers communicate closely with clients and their families, along with members of the palliative care or hospice care team. Our goal always is to follow the client’s unique care plan designed by the care team and to serve as guiding support in this sensitive situation so that families can focus on quality time with their loved ones.

With dedicated care and support from members of the entire Amada caregiving team, clients and their families will not be alone in their experience with palliative care or hospice care. We welcome the opportunity for an in-person discussion with you or your loved one about achieving your priorities and finding the right caregiver for this journey. We have numerous options and locations to find the right person for you, including hospice care givers in Northwest Indiana. Amada senior care advisors understand the importance of educating clients and families about care and resources. We are committed to assisting clients and their families so that they experience the comfort and increase their quality of life through this process, because ultimately  – that is what palliative care and hospice care are all about.


Our Transitional Care service will provide hours of immediate caregiver support to ensure that after surgery or medical treatments, you or your loved one gets home safely from the hospital or treatment center. We can be there to provide care support based on your needs as well as your family’s needs.

Count on Amada to provide the immediate support needed during the first critical 48 hours at home following surgery, cancer therapy or other medical treatment or an acute incident. Our care coordinator will work closely with you, your family, and your health team to create a personal care plan meeting your needs. Let us help you make the transition home simple and recovery successful.