Amada Senior Care provides companionship care to help seniors with errands, activities, and extended trips.

Social isolation is a devastating problem that seniors frequently endure, especially if they do not have family nearby. With a companion caregiver, seniors have someone to see and talk to regularly. This kind of social interaction has multiple mental, emotional and physical health benefits, such as lessening stress, preventing depression and promoting activity and engagement. An empathetic Amada caregiver has the potential to become your elderly loved one‘s best friend by reliably providing the companionship and mental stimulation many older adults fail to receive.

Amada’s mission to enrich seniors’ lives starts by helping them live safely in their own homes and quickly follows by supporting them as they continue to pursue their favorite activities, hobbies and interests. Caregivers have various ways of doing this, including engaging seniors in conversation and accompanying them in other activities. With their training and dedication, Amada caregivers also give family members peace of mind by recognizing and alerting loved ones to any signs they feel may indicate a decline in health.

Our companionship home care easily extends beyond this typical list of requests:

Aid with arts and crafts

Engagement in social activities

Escorting seniors on walks

Sorting mail

Setting appointment reminders

Assisting with errands and grocery shopping

Checking phone messages

Planning activities and outings

Transportation to doctor’s appointments

Medication reminders

Accompaniment on extended trips

Studies have shown that for most of us, our social brains crave companionship and we need the company of others to feel and function at our best. A congenial Amada caregiver can provide the kind of face-to-face interaction that has the greatest impact and that helps seniors maintain a sense of real, meaningful human connection. Our caregivers understand that the key method of interaction involves being a good listener so that clients feel they can express themselves freely without worrying about being interrupted, judged or criticized.

Companion services help seniors protect mental health, which influences how they think, feel and behave. Seniors who are mentally healthy are better able to cope with stress, overcome challenges and bounce back from setbacks. They enjoy self-confidence, a zest for life and a sense of meaning and purpose in their activities and relationships.

An Amada home care agency advisor is happy to work with clients and their families on creating a personalized plan of in-home companion care that will help seniors to continue doing the things they love while remaining safely independent.