If you’re a senior citizen or an older adult in your golden years, you know how important it is to stay healthy and active. Physical therapy can help seniors do that by improving mobility and flexibility, leading to fewer falls and fractures as well as better cardiovascular health. Physical therapy focuses on the muscles and joints and is typically performed by licensed individuals with clinical experience. From preserving muscle strength to protecting bad knees to boosting balance, physical therapy offers a wide range of benefits for seniors interested in a fulfilling aging experience. Remember, before starting any new exercise regimen or therapy, it’s advisable to first consult with a physician. Keep reading to learn more about conditions that might be helped by physical therapy.

PT for Pain Relief from Arthritis, Back Problems, or Injuries

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, physical therapy can help reduce the pain caused by arthritis, back problems and injuries. It’s also used to treat cancer-related pain. Physical therapy can be used to help reduce fall-related injuries in elderly residents as well as improve balance and coordination. This is especially important for seniors who live alone or have difficulty getting around on their own due to age-related conditions like osteoporosis or Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to helping patients manage chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes or arthritis, physical therapists are trained in injury prevention so they can keep your loved one safe from further injury during recovery from an existing condition such as surgery. The Harvard Gazette reports that physical therapy and the growing field of mechanotherapies can control inflammation and enable injured aged muscle recovery.

Improved Senior Mobility from Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy can help seniors maintain mobility and independence. For example, physical therapists may recommend exercises that improve your ability to walk and climb stairs. They’ll also teach you how to safely use equipment such as canes or walkers so that you don’t fall when walking around the house or outdoors.

Physical therapists can also help you with other aspects of your mobility, such as improving the strength and flexibility of your muscles. You may need to take an exercise class or do some home exercises to get started.

Lifestyle Enhancement and Preserving Independence with a Senior-Specific PT Regimen

Physical therapy can help improve your ability to perform daily activities. That’s because physical therapists use a variety of tools and techniques to help you regain strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Examples include:

Physical Therapy Exercises for Daily Activities – These exercises are designed to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks such as dressing yourself or getting up from a chair without falling. They may also be used as part of a rehabilitation program following surgery or injury where there has been some loss of function in one area or another due to illness or injury affecting the body’s musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles).

Physical Therapy Exercises for Mobility – Mobility refers not just being able to walk but also includes being able to move around freely without pain or stiffness so that you’re comfortable at home alone without assistance if necessary–and also outside when desired! A therapist will work closely with each patient individually based on his/her goals; thus, ensuring success every step along way towards achieving them.”

Senior Injury Prevention and Protecting Bad Knees through PT

One of the best things about physical therapy is that it can help prevent injuries. Physical therapists are experts at identifying risk factors for injury and also know how to work with patients on exercises that will strengthen their muscles, improve balance and flexibility, reduce pain, and protect bad knees.

Physical therapists often recommend exercises for seniors after surgery or an injury so that they can regain strength in their joints before returning to normal activities such as walking or climbing stairs. In addition, physical therapists may recommend special equipment such as a walker or cane if one is needed.

Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion for Aging Adults

Flexibility is an important part of staying healthy, as it helps you do things like move around more easily and prevents injuries.

Physical therapy can help you increase your flexibility and range of motion by incorporating stretching exercises into your routine. These will help improve your overall flexibility, which in turn will lead to improved mobility, balance, and less chance of injury.

Prevention of Senior Falls and Fractures

Falls are the leading cause of death in older adults, so it’s important to take steps to prevent them. Physical therapy can help improve balance and coordination, which can reduce your risk of falling. It also helps improve muscle strength, which reduces the risk of fractures if you do fall.

Physical therapists may use exercises or other techniques like massages and heat therapy to treat pain in muscles or joints that become stiff with age. They also teach exercises that will strengthen your muscles so they can better support your bones and joints as they become weaker over time.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health and Endurance to Enjoy the Golden Years

Cardiovascular health is an important component of overall wellness, and it can be improved through physical therapy. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Gerontology found that older adults who participated in regular cardiovascular exercises saw a reduction in their risk of heart disease by up to 50%.

Physical therapists have access to various equipment and exercises that can help improve your cardiovascular health. Some examples include:

  • Exercises using resistance bands or weights
  • Aquatic therapy (water aerobics)
  • Treadmill walking

PT Seniors May Look Forward to Improved Sensory Function, Balance, and Coordination

Physical therapy can help improve your ability to receive and process information from the surrounding environment. This is known as sensory function. It involves a person’s ability to detect touch, temperature, pressure, and pain; they may also have difficulty with vision or hearing loss.

Balance is the ability to control one’s body in space without falling over (or falling down). When you walk across a room without holding onto anything for support, this requires good balance skills! If someone has poor balance skills due to weakness or lack of coordination between their muscles, then physical therapy may be helpful for improving these abilities before surgery takes place on their knee replacement surgery (this includes both total joint replacements as well as partial replacements).

Physical therapy can help older adults keep healthy

Physical therapy is a safe and effective way to help older adults maintain their health. Physical therapists work with clients of all ages, but they’re especially useful for older adults because they can help with a variety of conditions that affect older people. For example, physical therapists often treat osteoporosis and other bone diseases in patients who have osteoarthritis. They may also see patients who are recovering from surgery or an injury; these individuals may need physical therapy to regain strength and mobility following their procedures or injuries.

Physical therapists offer many benefits to seniors with arthritis: they can provide exercises that strengthen joints without causing pain; they teach patients how to use assistive devices such as crutches correctly; they give tips on how best to navigate stairs at home or at work; and most importantly – they educate patients about proper body mechanics so that any future injuries are less likely!

Amada Can Help Seniors Preserve Health and Activity as They Age

Physical therapy is a great way to keep older adults healthy. It can help with many issues, including pain and mobility. It’s also important for preventing falls, fractures and other injuries that can be common among seniors. If you or a senior loved one is struggling with pain, balance, chronic conditions, or recovery from injuries, consider visiting a licensed physical therapist for a consultation. At Amada Senior Care, we can help seniors preserve their independence with trained caregivers who assist seniors with activities of daily living, including fitness exercises prescribed by a physician or physical therapist. CLICK HERE to find an Amada office near you.


“Why Seniors Should Consider Physical Therapy for Healthy Aging,” written by Michelle Flores, Amada blog contributor.