Summer is a time for fun, relaxation and exploration, and age should never be a barrier to experiencing new adventures for older adults and senior retirees. Senior travelers deserve the opportunity to indulge in the joys of travel: seeing wonderful attractions, experiencing different cultures and cuisines, and creating cherished memories. With the right planning, seniors can embark on remarkable summer journeys. All it takes is flexing a young-at-heart attitude and a willingness to enjoy where the path might take you. Here are a few suggestions for striking out on a senior summer adventure:

Discover Local Gems

Travel doesn’t always mean venturing far from home. Exploring local attractions and destinations can provide a wealth of new experiences. Consider day trips to nearby historical landmarks, nature reserves, botanical gardens, or local museums. These outings allow older travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings while enjoying the comfort of familiar territory. If you’re still not sure where to go, try typing “best hidden gem attractions” along with your city, county or state in the search field of an online travel website like TripAdvisor to get suggestions.

Embark on a Cruise Adventure

Cruises offer an ideal combination of comfort, convenience, and exploration. Many cruise lines cater to the needs of older adult travelers, providing accessible accommodations, onboard medical facilities, and a range of enriching activities. From breathtaking Alaskan cruises to tropical island getaways, seniors can set sail with peace of mind, knowing that their safety and comfort are a top priority.

Retreat to an All-Inclusive Resort

An all-inclusive resort can be an excellent option for senior travelers seeking relaxation and leisure. These resorts often offer comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine, and a variety of activities tailored to different abilities. Whether lounging by the pool, enjoying gentle water aerobics, or engaging in leisurely walks along the beach, seniors can savor a worry-free vacation while receiving any necessary assistance from attentive home care professionals.

Join a Group Tour

Joining a senior-friendly travel group tour designed for older adults is a fantastic way to explore new destinations while making new friends. These tours often provide accessible transportation, guided sightseeing, and accommodations that prioritize comfort and convenience. From cultural tours to wildlife adventures, there’s an array of group travel options for seniors.

Go on a Road Trip

Embarking on a road trip offers the freedom to set one’s own pace and explore different regions and landmarks. Older adult and senior travelers can plan their routes, including stops at various destinations, national parks, scenic routes, and iconic landmarks. By hiring a caregiver from a trusted home care agency to accompany them, seniors can ensure their safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Set a Course for Intergenerational Travel

Traveling with loved ones, such as children, grandchildren, or close friends, can enhance the joy of exploration. Consider destinations that offer a blend of activities suitable for all ages, ensuring that each member of the group can fully enjoy the experience. From multigenerational cruises to family-friendly resorts, the opportunities for bonding and creating lasting memories are limitless.


“Ideas for Senior-Friendly Summer Travel,” written by Michelle Flores, Amada blog contributor.