Let’s face it – the beloved seniors in our lives likely have lots of stuff, like a lot of stuff. Think about it: they’ve had years and years to accumulate trinkets, decorations and knickknacks. So instead of another tchotchke, what our Golden Girls and Golden Guys might really need and would greatly appreciate are items that will make their lives easier, safer, healthier and more enjoyable.

Here at Amada Senior Care, our goal each and every day is to help enrich lives, so creating a gift-giving guide with this in mind is right in our wheelhouse. For your consideration, here are 10 gift ideas aimed at supporting physical, mental health and emotional health along with promoting peace of mind.

Keep these suggestions in mind for giving a gift to a senior on another occasion such as a birthday or anniversary – or even just because.


Motion-sensing LED Stick Anywhere Light

Battery-powered and wire-free, the LED Stick Anywhere Light by Mr. Beams instantly makes dark hallways and stairways safer. Available in one-, three- or six-packs, the motion-activated light can be set up anywhere indoors or outdoors with the included double-sided adhesive or hardware to illuminate places where accidents tend to happen (hallways, stairways, closets, bathrooms, entryways, etc.). Each unit provides 20 lumens of light that covers 10 square feet and turns on with motion activation from 15 feet. Auto shut-off help prolongs battery life. The weatherproof housing allows outdoor use on patios and over steps and hallways.


Emergency Medical Alert System and Fall Detection

Why chance a senior loved one suffering after falling when alone in the home? Emergency help can be on the way immediately with AmadaConnect. With 24/7 monitoring (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), the user-friendly devices powered by AmadaConnect’s personal emergency response system (PERS) ensures you or a senior loved one get help immediately when a fall or other emergency happens. Several types of fall-detection monitors are available to meet your lifestyle needs. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Memoir Maker

“How to Save Your Life: One Chapter at a Time” by Tom and Alison Taylor is a gift both for the senior and the senior’s family. The book puts you on a painless path for writing memoirs, an autobiography or a family history book. User-friendly directions take you through the process of recalling and recording memories in a way that flows as a story. You’ll also learn how to select photos to illustrate your life story – and even how to find a designer and printer to make it all come together in a book.


Resistance Exercise Stretch Bands

Fitteroy Resistance Exercise Stretch Bands are a user-friendly and convenient way for seniors to keep muscles toned and joints working. They can improve a senior’s level of fitness with daily use, plus there are health benefits to stretching beyond maintaining overall flexibility. Using the bands, stretches can be done in a chair, on the floor or even at bedside.

The bands have different resistances, letting you build up strength to accomplish more challenging stretch exercises.


Battery-powered Jar Opener

You don’t have be elderly to have a tough time opening a jar. The Robo Twist One Touch Handsfree Jar Opener is your friend at any age. Designed to handle jars of all sizes, cordless Robo Twist removes the toughest and tightest jar lids, as well as bottle caps. Place it on any lid and press the button for it to automatically uncap jelly, pickles, pasta sauce, sports drinks, 2-liter soda bottles and more. It’s an ideal helper for seniors and anyone with hand pain. It requires just two AA batteries.


Smart Display Devices for Video Calling, Streaming and Security

Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub Max are high-tech devices that make it easier for seniors to video chat with family and friends, stream music, get information, and use smart-home controls to do things like turn house lights on and off or see who is at the front door. These countertop “smart display” devices offer hands-free help (either from Alexa or Google Assistant) in any room of the house. Not only will these smart display devices entertain seniors but also help them feel connected through artificial intelligence. They are able to get the news or weather, listen to an audiobook or joke, ask the day and time, request to hear a favorite song, get a cooking recipe, set an alarm or reminder, and much more. These devices are being used by some to help improve the quality of life for those with dementia or mobility issues.


Meal Delivery Service

Eating right is essential for seniors to maintain good health. Fortunately, more and more meal delivery services are making it easier for them to do just that. Companies like Silver Cuisine by bistroMD, Mom’s Meals and Magic Kitchen are designed to cater to older adults with menus that meet special dietary needs and timely home delivery that benefits those with mobility problems or vision impairment. Menus feature healthy meals created by dieticians and doctors with fresh food that is ready to “heat and eat.”


Light Therapy Lamp

Studies show that light therapy can help combat symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), general depression in people who also experience low levels of serotonin as SAD sufferers, and dementia or sleep disorders. Light therapy lamps can do the trick of creating “feel good” natural lighting when it’s not present in our environment, such as during the winter months. The Miroco series of light therapy lamps offer LED and UV-free bright light delivering the 10,000 lux recommended to mimic the energizing power of a sunshine-y day. Fight the winter blues and enhance your well-being these countertop devices equipped with timer, touch control and adjustable levels.


Heated Neck Wrap

Ahhh! Pure Enrichment PureRelief Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad Feel muscle tension melt away and settle into relaxing bliss with this contoured heat wrap around your neck and shoulders. It heats in seconds to provide temporary pain relief to aching muscles. Set the dial between 110 to 140 degrees with four heat settings and flip between dry or moist heat therapy. Smooth micromink plush offers luxurious comfort.


Heated Lotion Dispenser

Applying lotion daily is a must as skin thins and becomes drier with age. This is particularly true during dry-air winters but motivation disappears at the thought of dabbing cold lotion on already cold limbs and extremities. Call on The Heated Lotion Dispenser by Hammacher Schlemmer to deliver cold-weather comfort at the touch of a button. The dispenser warms the lotion, making it more comfortable to apply while it promotes deeper hydration and helps emollients absorb faster to soothe dry and chapped skin.


Written by Michelle Flores, Amada contributor. Photo by Vladimir Soares on Unsplash.