Fast and Incredibly Helpful

My dad was unexpectedly discharged from the hospital. Given all of the updates I had received, I knew my mom couldn't take care of him on her own. I live across the country, so needless to say, I was in a panic.

Thank goodness for Amanda Senior Care. They were pleasant, understanding and worked with me to find someone immediately (after several other places told me that we'd have to wait two weeks). I was beyond relieved. I would HIGHLY recommend this company. Special kudos to Kay for all of her work to make it happen!

 by Greg Anderson on Amada Senior Care Twin Cities
Excellent Care

Thanks so much for the excellent care you've been administering to my mother. It's been greatly appreciated.

 by J. Hazelwood on Amada Senior Care Twin Cities
High Quality of Care

Thank you for working with us during this difficult time. The care and quality of care was excellent. We knew we were in good hands and mom was receiving the best care available. Kay was extraordinary to work with. Appreciate it.

 by Marth Arneson on Amada Senior Care Twin Cities
Great Senior Care Agency

We sincerely appreciated the quality and high level of care our mom received from Amada's caregivers. Though we only ended up working with Amada a short time (due to our mom's passing), we feel very fortunate to have found this great senior care agency.

 by Jennifer Rohling on Amada Senior Care Twin Cities
Thank you!!

Greg was so very helpful to our family! He was extremely patient and knowledgeable in explaining long-term care insurance policies to our Dad, my sister and me. He guided us through what we needed to do next, what questions to ask, and our options going forward. We are very grateful to Greg for his advice, care and compassion!

 by Heather Z on Amada Senior Care Twin Cities
Just Like Family - Highly Recommend

Amada was the answer to our prayers in giving my father the care he needed!! Frannie, my dads caregiver was truly amazIng - she went above and beyond in helping my dad through such a difficult time in his life, providing safety and assistance , companionship and kindness, nourishment, relief from worries and stress and hope. My dad was not very enthusiastic about having a care provider initially, but it did not take long for him to embrace the help from the Amada team, who quickly became like family! This team was there for us from the initial connection, through incredibly difficult times when my dads needs intensified and we were faced with tough decisions. My family was so thankful for all our new Amada family was doing!! We could not have made it through this period without them and would choose Amada again and again!! They provide such a variety of support , that I cannot imagine a better choice for anyone looking for care .

 by Jean Johnson on Amada Senior Care Twin Cities

This review comes close to a year since my aunt died. She was well cared for by Amada staff and Greg's coordination with hospice made the round-the-clock care she received helpful. Staff was always kind and conscientious. Greg's quick attention to details made us all feel safe and the overall experience is one I will use again, should the situation arise. Kudos to Amada!

 by Bob Byers on Amada Senior Care Twin Cities
Long-term Care Insurance Help

Greg was super helpful - he explained to me how these long-term care insurance policies typically work. He also confirmed that I was on the right track with my initial understanding. His advice truly helped calm me down. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the information, details, new lingo, forms, etc. I'm so grateful that people like Greg are out there!

All 5 Stars

Caregivers-Loved them all!

Thank you so very much!

I am so thankful for you and the care and support you gave dad and our family. You and your team brought him comfort, security, joy, safety and nourishment at the time he needed it most. He adored his staff and they helped him accept care and enjoy new friendships. Our family is forever grateful for your support. The kindness you give along with the care is a gift beyond measure.

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