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Saluting our Caregivers!

Amada National Caregiver of the Month: Paulina Julius

Paulina was nominated for Amada Senior Care’s national caregiver recognition program due to her competence and capability with clients that require specialized care. One of the clients Paulina assists has Parkinson’s. He uses specific equipment to navigate mobility issues and Paulina makes sure he has the equipment and personal supplies. She quickly learned how to communicate with him, as his condition affects his ability to speak.

“This is a challenging client and Paulina learned quickly how to best meet his special care needs to help him manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s,” says Kay Ostrom. “She rocks it every shift!”

Paulina was selected as National Caregiver of the Month for July 2020, for which she received a gift card, certificate and congratulatory letter signed by Amada CEO Tafa Jefferson.

Amada 2018 National Caregiver of the Year: Elaine Judson

Elaine was the recipient of the Compassionate Value Award as one of six national honorees whose work exemplified Amada 6C’s of Caregiver Core Values. The kind attention Elaine gives to “all the little things” for senior clients reflects the Compassion Value. In caring for an 85-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s, Elaine helped her apply her favorite lotion as part of her bedtime routine and talked quietly to her to make sure she went to sleep comfortably. She even gently repositioned her throughout the night and took care of any perceived discomfort the client experienced during the day.

Elaine took time to understand what was important to her client, even though the woman had lost the ability to articulate. She included the woman’s husband of 65 years in the care of his wife as much as possible. “I know my mom was aware of Elaine’s empathy and was comforted by its warmth,” said the woman’s daughter. “I sometimes felt like I had another sister, or may another (healthy) mother, guiding me through this difficult journey, because the depth of Elaine’s loving feelings were always evident.”