LTCi & Senior Advocacy by Amada Mesa AZ

Are you a legal or financial professional who is looking to achieve the best possible outcome for a client starting on the senior care journey? Amada can support this goal as an essential resource for your senior clients. Learn more from Amada Mesa franchise owner and Certified Senior Advisor Kimberly Akers by CLICKING HERE or on the video below.

Policyholders Can Count on Our Long-Term Care Expertise  

At Amada Mesa, we specialize in assisting seniors and their families to help them understand and manage their long-term care insurance policies. Here are some common questions that come up:

  • I don’t understand my benefits.
  • Will I qualify to use my policy?
  • How do I initiate a claim?
  • Who do I call for information?

Don’t sweat it! We’re happy to be of assistance in making sense of your individual LTCi policy and verifying what benefits are provided. Our commitment means you can rest assured that you using your benefits correctly and to your greatest advantage.

In fact, we walk you through the entire long-term care insurance process. Our LTCi expertise and experience mean that we handle all the paperwork, send in all the forms, and see that all questions are answered correctly to ensure the claim’s best chance of approval.

Given we have longtime professional relationships with just about every LTCi carrier and administrator, we would be delighted to call our contacts and speak with them directly. You and your family can consider Amada to be your personal LTCi advocate. Please call us today at (480) 999-5250 to speak to one of our Certified Senior Advisors and learn more about how we can help with your LTCi policy.


Senior Advocacy 

Clients and families learn quickly that at Amada Mesa, we take a hands-on approach to facilitating the health, well-being and long-term care of seniors. Our primary focus is on advocacy, and this includes not only assisting seniors with long-term care insurance policies but also letting you know about different funding options for home care.

Senior Care Advisors on the Amada Mesa team work as your in-house experts to help you understand the process behind in-home care funding alternatives such as converting a life insurance policy, utilizing a reverse mortgage or verifying VA benefits.