Resource Center

Your loved ones are important, as are the decisions you make about their care during the times when they need it most.  Amada has designed this resource center for you so that you can make the best, most informed decisions about your loved one’s home care by learning the pros and cons of each option available to you. 


Your peace of mind and the safety of your senior loved one are priority.  When a fall or other emergency happens, rest assured your loved one will get help immediately with Amada Connect.  This 24-hour medical alert program connects the senior to operators who will dispatch help during those first critical moments of an emergency. 

Amada Connect also assists with medication managementMedication mistakes are one of the leading causes of a senior’s loss of independence.  Amada Connect’s medication dispensers ensure the correct dose is dispensed at the correct time and the locked device keeps medications secure.  If a dose is missed, the caregiver is notified. 

Call today to find out more about how Amada Connect devices and monitoring will help preserve your safety and independence, or that of your senior loved one.