Meet the Caregiver Superstars of Amada San Antonio, Texas

At Amada Senior Care of San Antonio, Texas, caregivers are the heart and soul of our company! They help us provide exceptional care to our senior clients which allows them to remain comfortable aging safely in their own homes. Our caregivers carry out the Amada mission of enriching lives and each of them carry a special ability to do so.

Amada San Antonio caregivers build special relationships of trust with our senior clients, not only providing everyday assistance but bringing joy and happiness to their lives as well as peace of mind to their families. Our caregivers truly are care superstars and we dedicate this page to recognizing their many contributions to our Amada family!

Care Superstar: Sweet Tea

A woman in Amada caregiver uniform and a woman dressed in business attire pose for the camera.Sweet Tea

Care Superstar: Caregiver Name

An elderly man in a wheelchair and an young woman standing next to him smile for the camera.Britni