Caregivers Ready, Willing and Able to Assist Adults with Disabilities 

You can lean on our in-home care expertise as we provide the needed support to help you or a loved one live life at its fullest.

At Amada Springfield, we like to think of people’s disabilities as qualities that make them unique in the world. But to the 61 million US adults who have them, the fact is there can be many challenges. Living as good a quality of life as possible is something we all want, either as family members caring for a disabled loved one, or as the disabled individual ourselves, regardless of our limitations.

While we love our seniors, the range of our highly trained Amada caregivers’ skills translates to caring for the disabled as well. All individuals deserve respect, encouragement, opportunity, and to able to rely on the people around them to facilitate their daily needs with ease. Perhaps as a family member this is something you do yourself for your disabled loved one, which is a huge concession of time and effort. Or you are concerned that a disabled adult in your family is not availing him or herself of everything that’s possible. Our caregivers are well-prepared and eager to help.

Count on our expert Amada senior advisors to work in close collaboration with you, your loved one and your family to create a personal care plan to help manage the conditions of a disability. Please contact us today at 417-210-7300.