Parkinson’s Disease Home Care  

Are you a family caregiver for a senior loved one with Parkinson’s Disease? Allow a trained Amada caregiver to support you and the beloved senior in your life in managing the day-to-day unknowns of this progressive disease.

Are you looking for professional in-home care for a Parkinson’s patient in the Boston MetroWest area? The professional senior care team at Amada Boston MetroWest is here to provide Parkinson’s care and respite care for families in Dedham, Newton, Needham, Wellesly and surrounding areas. We can help you make the best PD care choices for your loved one. Please call 617-229-6567 today for a Free Care Needs Consultation

Managing care needs for a senior living with Parkinson’s disease and ensuring quality of life will come with a different set of challenges with each disease stage. It’s often the case that early Parkinson’s requires less hands-on care but that likely will change as the disease progresses into more serious symptoms like walking or balance difficulties, rigidity or stiffness, tremors, and slow movement or loss of movement, along with issues in swallowing, speaking and understanding. The compassionate and professional senior care team at Amada Boston MetroWest is here to help you find up to 24-hour Parkinson’s care in Dedham, Newton, Needham, Wellesly and other Boston MetroWest communities. 

Help for Parkinson’s Families 

As ADLs (activities of daily living) like personal care become more difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s to accomplish and caregiving becomes more complicated, rest assured that the caregiving team at Amada Boston MetroWest will provide the right resources and support system in Dedham, Newton, Needham, Wellesly and surrounding areas. Our caregivers are trained to assist with the side effects of Parkinson’s Disease and how they impact activities of daily living. We are dedicated to working closely with family caregivers to support their physical and emotional needs as their loved ones progress through the stages of Parkinson’s.

Caregiver Support for Parkinson’s 

Amada caregivers are trained on how to assist a Parkinson’s client to manage PD symptoms in ways that can positively impact the senior client’s quality of life and that of the family. As the disease advances, our Parkinson’s home care services provided by your Amada caregiver will deliver the specialized care and attention our senior Parkinson’s clients require. 

Because of their training, Amada Boston MetroWest caregivers know that in-home care for senior  Parkinson’s clients requires: 

  • Helping to make the senior client’s home environment safe by keeping pathways open, clearing obstacles and removing unsteady decor or rugs.
  • Offering patience and empathy while assisting senior Parkinson’s clients with actitivities of daily living.
  • Serving as a member of the senior client’s health care team by helping monitor symptoms, giving medication reminders and assisting with physical or speech therapy exercises or other non-medical tasks.
  • Following the dietary plan set forth by the senior client’s physician without deviating to include checking the consistency of solids and liquids and the size of each bite.
  • Encouraging communication, ambulation, social activities and social involvement as much as possible while the senior Parkinson’s client is still able to participate and be involved.