In-Home Care for Dementia Patients  

When a senior loved one has been diagnosed with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Body dementia, Frontotemporal dementia or another type of memory disorder, families understandably can feel overwhelmed trying to navigate care options along with the cost of dementia care. 

When your family needs help with an elderly parent with dementia, call on Amada Boston MetroWest for guidance and resourcesWe offer experience and expertise on long-term dementia care for seniors as well as dementia family support in Brookline, Medfield,  Walpole and beyond. The Amada memory care team in Boston MetroWest is standing by to help you decide on the best dementia care options for senior loved ones. Please contact us for a Free Care Needs Consultation

Dementia Programs Designed for Your Family 

Our dementia care solutions start with the individual needs of our senior clients and their family members. We understand that circumstances can and will change daily as part of dementia elderly care in Brookline, Medfield,  Walpole and nearby Boston MetroWest communities. At Amada Senior Care in Boston MetroWest, wcustomize our home-based services for aging loved ones managing dementia symptoms because the well-being of our senior clients is always our top priority. 

Our help with caring for someone with dementia starts with trained Amada caregivers assisting with personal care and activities of daily living (ADLs) like toileting, dressing, grooming, and more. Being that dementia chips away at an elderly dementia sufferer’s ability to manage everyday life, we also ensure creating a stimulating yet safe environment our seniors feel comfortable with and enjoy. 

Trained Caregivers for Proper Dementia Family Support 

Amada Boston MetroWest caregivers have the education necessary to provide the best care for our senior clients with dementia and to offer the proper dementia family support. We work in close partnership with family members and dementia health care teams. With their special training, Amada caregivers and staff members can provide critical support for dementia senior clientshelp observe them, and notify family members if we notice a change in their health or behavior that may require special medical care. 

They also have the training to provide respite care for dementia family caregivers who need a physical and mental break from the specific challenges their senior loved one is experiencing. Should the time come when end-of-life Alzheimer’s or dementia support is needed, Amada caregivers’ knowledge extends to dementia palliative care and hospice care.

Support Services for Families Helping Loved Ones with Dementia 

Amada’s dementia care service includes informed counsel should the time come to consider assisted living or dementia homes. Our experience and connections in the Brookline, Medfield,  Walpole and surrounding areas cover many different kinds of memory care centers. We can help your family through the long-term dementia care process, advising on anything from financial assistance for dementia patients, long-distance caregiving dementia, emergency dementia respite care, innovative dementia care, and more.  

You do not have to go it alone in taking care of someone with dementia. Amada Senior Care in Boston MetroWest is here to advise you on the many dementia aged care programs that provide respite care, financial assistance, and other resources designed to help families and caregivers. If you are not sure about the options available for your loved one Brookline, Medfield,  Walpole and surrounding areas, please contact us  for a Free Care Needs Consultation by calling us today at 617-229-6567.