Caregiver Jobs in Phoenix

We are hiring amazing caregivers with appropriate experience and credentials to assist our clients with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Scroll down to learn more about our caregiver jobs in the Phoenix area. If you are interested in joining our wonderful Amada team, please click on the orange button above or the link below to submit your application.

Our goal at Amada is to attract exceptional caregivers who are up to the challenge of meeting our high standards of care. What do we look for? We call it our “6 Cs” of being a great caregiver:

Compassion: Are you compassionate and charitable? What motivates your caregiving?

Competence: Are you competent in professional caregiving skills?

Communication: Do you ask questions, and then truly listen and answer questions? Do you act with a sense of urgency to make your client as comfortable as possible?

Commitment: Do you do your best to navigate care challenges? Do others consider you trustworthy, resourceful and a hard worker?

Confidently humble: Are you confident in your abilities, yet willing to learn about your client’s needs? Do you engage with your client and her/his family members?

Congenial: Do clients feel a connection with you because they sense you are a nuturing person who appreciates them?

If you embody these 6 Cs, we would love to have you apply to become part of the Amada family. Read on to learn about the many benefits of working with Amada Senior Care Phoenix.

Why Work for Amada Senior Care Phoenix?

It is vital that you, being an amazing caregiver, find a company that shares your compassion and desire for communication, and offers actual 24/7 live support for caregivers.

Compassion – We believe in showing all people compassion and caring, including our caregivers who we value greatly!

Communication – Life changes quickly. Amada believes in keeping caregivers aware of changes in client conditions, family requests, schedule changes, and more, so that you can provide the utmost amazing care.

Support – Things happen and you may need a LIVE voice to help you in a situation. We believe in encouraging you and brainstorming various situations with you for the client’s well-being.

Amada Senior Care is committed to enriching lives by providing nurturing and compassionate non-medical, in-home care for seniors. Our exceptional staff and integrated systems allow us to administer the highest level of quality care, unparalleled anywhere. Our commitment to enriching lives extends beyond our clients and their families to our caregivers.  Our caregivers are an integral part of our Amada family.

Career Growth Encouraged

  • At Amada Chandler, we continually strive to learn and grow. We encourage continuing education for self-improvement and career development. Amada provides free on-site training, mentoring, and other resources.

Competitive Wages

  • At Amada Senior Care, your compensation will be based on  your performance and experience, as well as the unique needs of the specific clients that you serve. Our rates are industry-competitive. We offer holiday pay and a variety of benefits.

Flexible Work Schedules

  • Whether you want to work full- or part-time, days, evenings, or weekends, Amada Senior Care Chandler always has a variety of shifts available. If you have other commitments you can’t budge on during the workweek, contact us today to see how we can provide part-time work that suits your schedule.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

  • At Amada Chandler, we value and reward your contribution to our team with caregiver appreciation events, bonuses, gas, and grocery cards, movie tickets, and more.

A Strong National Presence

  • You will find Amada offices nationwide. There are more than 200 Amada Senior Care offices in 36 states, so even if you need to move, you’ll likely still be able to continue to work with us.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

  • If a person is an excellent caregiver but is unpleasant to work with, this is a detriment to all of us. We are careful to hire people we want to spend time with, which means that the Amada Chandler team is comprised of friendly, caring, and committed people just like you!

Tools and Technology to Help You

  • Amada offers a number of tools to help our caregivers spend more time with their clients. For example, our Caregiver Portal makes it quick and easy to take care of tasks like scheduling, care journaling, ADL documentation, and more.

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