Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiving

Taking care of a beloved senior family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia will become challenging as conditions worsen. Our highly trained Amada caregivers offer support that helps improve the quality of life for senior Alzheimer’s  and dementia patients. 


When a senior loved one has been diagnosed with dementia in any of its forms such as Alzheimer’s disease, Frontotemporal dementia, Lewy Body dementia (LBD), or another type of memory disorder, families in Aurora, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Wheaton, St. Charles and nearby Amada Geneva communities understandably can feel overwhelmed trying to navigate care options along with the cost of dementia care. When your family needs help with an aging parent or elderly grandparent with dementia, call on Amada Geneva and its experienced senior care advisors for guidance and resourcesWe offer experience and expertise on long-term care for seniors diagnosed with dementia, as well as dementia family support in Aurora, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Wheaton, St. Charles and nearby Geneva area communities.

Alie Johnson, the owner of Amada Senior Care of Geneva, earned certification as a Dementia Care Practitioner through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. She has the knowledge and experience to help families create an in-home care plan for their senior loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, or offer guidance on residential memory care options for senior loved ones who need additional support. Please contact Amada Senior Care of Geneva  for a  Free Care Needs Consultation. 

When the responsibility of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia falls on your shoulders, having the right resources and support system can make all the difference. That’s why Amada Senior Care offers caregivers who are specially trained in memory care. Because of their extensive training, Amada Geneva caregivers:

  • Know how important it is to set a positive mood for interaction through body language and tone of voice.
  • Understand how to limit distractions and talk to, not at, senior patients.
  • Respectfully redirect clients who become upset, responding with warmth and reassurance to reduce anxiety and confusion.
  • Help create a home environment that limits wandering and reduces the dangers associated with this behavior.

The compassionate caregivers at Amada Senior Care of Geneva are highly skilled and trained in maintaining all activities of daily living (ADLs), and special pursuits and activities far and above the ordinary, bringing to our senior clients a sense of joy and accomplishment throughout. 

Alzheimer’s care centers when the disease progresses

Our support services at Amada Geneva include guidance for families throughout the decision-making process, as well as creating a care plan for the spouse, parent or other loved one as the senior Alzheimer’s client progresses through the various stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Through our network of senior care professionals in Aurora, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Wheaton, St. Charles and nearby Amada Geneva communities, we can identify Alzheimer’s options for respite care like senior day care programs for adults with Alzheimer’s. 

Should your senior loved one with Alzheimer’s begin to require more support than in-home help with basic ADLs, it may be time to consider transitioning to 24-hour Alzheimer care that is available through a private memory care home, Alzheimer’s assisted living community or other type of Alzheimer’s residential care home. 

Financial guidance for families navigating Alzheimer’s disease

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia does not make a senior patient automatically eligible for Medicare assistance, thus taking care of an aging loved one with Alzheimer’s at home can become a serious financial burden. The costs of private Alzheimer’s home care or Alzheimer’s assisted living in Aurora, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Wheaton, St. Charles and nearby Amada Geneva communities at first may seem intimidating to many families. 

Please know that you can rely on the extensive experience of a senior care advisor at Amada Geneva to provide guidance on financial help for Alzheimer’s patients. We help our clients and their families make full use of all benefits available through a Long-Term Care insurance policy, and we’re pleased to offer our memory care placement services in Aurora, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Wheaton, St. Charles and nearby Amada Geneva communities free of charge. At Amada Geneva, we would be honored to help your family with making financial decisions by discussing funding options for in-home Alzheimer’s care. Call us today at 630-828-5155.