SuperStar Caregivers at Amada Bucks & Montgomery Counties

The caregivers of Amada Bucks & Montgomery Counties are the heart and soul of our company! Thanks to them and their dedicated efforts, Amada Bucks & Montgomery Counties can provide exceptional care to our senior clients which promotes their safety and comfort as they age at home. Our caregivers carry out the Amada mission of enriching lives. They build special relationships with our senior clients, not only providing everyday assistance but bringing joy and happiness to their golden years, as well as peace of mind to their families.

Our caregivers at Amada Bucks & Montgomery Counties are truly SuperStars and we dedicate this Caregiver of the Month page to honoring them and recognizing their efforts.

Calene Mays - April '24
Tanya Marcy - March '24
Krystle Apoka - February '24
Heather Moyer - January '24
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Candy Grant-McKoy - November '23
Theresa Wenderlich - October '23
Sharon Brown - September '23
Lesly Rodriguez - August '23
Rohan McInneshin - July '23
Tracy Ann Hinds - June '23
Katherine DelCastillo - May '23
Lesia Richman - April '23
Erica Miller - March '23
Lily Burgos - January '23