News and Events at Amada Home Care
in Wichita, Kansas

Drive-Thru Resources Fair FlierSeptember 11th, 2020

Asa Shuey, owner and president of Amada Senior Care of Wichita, looks forward to greeting veterans and providing them the critical information they need at today’s Veterans Drive-Thur Resource Fair. “Our volunteer organization has worked for months to make sure this event is a huge success for the veterans of our community,” said Asa. “Since we are dealing with the current pandemic environment, we decided to make the fair a drive-through event where vendors are safely distanced. Veterans will be able to drive a defined path to collect information on benefits and services, goods, items, and miscellaneous goodies. Veterans without a car will be provided a golf cart to use.”

Participants will be able to visit with 55 veteran-oriented vendors from the local area to find out more about the benefits, services and assistance that are available to them. Personnel from McConnell Air Force Base also will be on hand to provide resources. “There’s nowhere else we’d rather be on Patriot Day, when all Americans are called on to participate in our National Day of Service and Remembrance,” said Asa.

Event co-sponsors include Veteran Community Partnerships, Team Red White And Blue, Sedgwick County Extension Office, Object Zero, Riverside Hospice, TrueCare Nursing Services, Five Rings Financial, Kindred Hospice, Mission Health, Brookdale, and Midwest Battle Buddies.

April 29, 2020

The team at Amada Wichita made more than 100 care bags to deliver to veterans at the VA Homeless House, VA Medical Foster Home, Kansas Veterans Home and Kansas Soldiers’ Home. We were able to obtain thousands of dollars worth of donations for personal hygiene supplies, books, clothes, gift cards, food, and many other items.

“We were honored take part in this drive to give back to the veterans in our community,” said Asa Shuey, owner and president of Amada Senior Care of Wichita.