Who will be watching our loved ones? 


One of life’s most difficult parts is the time when we must begin to reverse role play and make plans for our loved ones. Throughout our lives, New Jersey residents will likely have family members and friends who are in need of some type of in-home care giving services. In many instances it may be an elderly parent or grandparent whose health is slowly declining or memory is failing and needs assistance. So many questions and hurdles come into play.  Do we care for our loved one ourselves? Do we hire a home health aide to come into our home? Do we utilize a nursing home or rehab facility?  

It is never an easy decision, and in most cases there is little time to prepare.  Insurance companies typically don’t allow the elderly to stay in hospital settings unless they are seriously ill.  In many instances the family is given one or two days’ notice to make arrangements. 

In today’s world, family members all work, which leaves nobody to stay home and care for our loved ones. We resort to looking for home health aides on supermarket bulletin boards, internet sites, or calling home health care agencies. 

New Jersey regulates those home aides that are certified by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and are employed by a New Jersey Registered home health care agency.  In selecting a Certified Home Health Aide, you are assured that the aide has completed an approved course by the Board of Nursing; has successfully completed a competency evaluation by the Health Care Service Firm; holds a current and valid CHHA license issued by the Board of Nursing; has undergone a complete State and Federal criminal background check; and is supervised by a licensed Registered Nurse. 

The following web sites have been put together to assist you with making the best decision possible for you, your family and your loved ones.  It is a stressful time in our lives and typically decisions must be made quickly.  This guide will provide you the necessary information so that you can make an informed and educated decision when hiring in-home health care. 

What you need to know about Home Health Care in New Jersey 






  • How do I verify the license of a Health Aide? 



  • How do I become an approved Medicare provider         




  • How do I file a complaint on a Health Care Service Firm and/or Aide?  



  • How do I start a Health Care Service Firm?   https://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/hcservice/Applications/Application-for-Registration-as-a-Health-Care-Services-Firm.pdf 



  • What are the laws that govern Health Care Service Firm? 




  • If I have an out of state Home Health License can I practice in New Jersey?     No 


  • Is there a Health Care Service Company Association?   







Useful Website for Home Health Care Services 

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