Meet Our Team at Amada Senior Care of Southern Utah

Ty Tippets  | President and Owner

A southern Utah native, Ty serves as the President and Owner of Amada Senior Care of Southern Utah, a top-tier in-home senior care company serving the needs of the elderly and disabled in southwestern Utah. Establishing Amada Senior Care Southern Utah in 2016, Ty strives to deliver the best in senior care by living the core values of compassion, charity, honesty, professionalism, and gratitude. Ty also serves as the Administrator and Chief Executive Officer of the St. George Surgical Center.

Ty and his wife, Charise, have been married for 35 years. They have six children and six grandchildren, and are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Ty enjoys many outdoor activities including boating, camping, hunting, fishing, rappelling, canyoneering, and scuba diving. He and Charise live on an acre of land in St. George with their younger children, as well as two horses, three dogs, two cats (including a “mangy orange tomcat”) and a Nigerian Dwarf goat named Buckie.

Charise Tippets | Owner and Vice President 

It was only natural for Charise to follow the call of caregiving, as she is the eldest of 10 children. After earning an Associate Degree in Business Administration, she took a break from her studies to serve as a professional nanny before resuming her education at Southern Utah University.

A life of service defines Charise’s contributions to church, family and the community. She has held a wide variety of positions in the Parent-Teacher Association, the Boy Scouts of America where she committed 15 years in the Cub Scout program and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a teacher and leader. In addition, Charise is a hands-on executive at Amada Senior Care Southern Utah, where she leads the caregiving team as a client scheduler and senior care advisor.

Julie Schaefer | Marketing Director and Senior Care Specialist 

Julie has enthusiastically logged 10 years in the senior living industry as a marketing director and senior care specialist and two years as an activity professional. She is also a former dance instructor with certification in senior fitness. She is a proud mom of two children and two grandchildren. In her spare time, Julie likes to spend time with her family, travel with her husband, and get crafty. Julie believes Amada of Southern Utah inherently offers a culture of kindness, compassion, and charity. She cherishes being a part of a loving, family-oriented team.

Cheyenne Nelson | RN Manager 

Cheyenne knew she wanted to be in the medical field after providing hospice care to her grandmother nearly 10 years ago. She began her career as a home health aide, and shortly thereafter became a CNA for a senior care company. She pursued her nursing degree while gaining experience in geriatrics, acute care, critical care, and surgical services. Receiving a BSN from Western Governors University in 2019, she continues to work in a hospital setting as well as expanding into IV therapy, and as part of the Amada Senior Care family.

Cheyenne anticipates obtaining a Family Nurse Practitioner degree at the end of 2022.

Margie Manuele | HR, Office Manager, Senior Care Specialist 

A native of Southern Utah, Margie is the proud mother of eight children and 13 grandchildren. She is a 14-year veteran in the senior living industry with an emphasis on administration and human resources. A certified CNA, Margie is a true caregiver in every sense of the word. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, a special education teacher, traveling, and time in the beautiful St. George sunshine walking and bicycling. She believes in Amada’s core values, saying they truly reflect the compassion the organization has for its clients.