A Personal Senior Care Story in Southern Fairfax County

Lou Assaf  | Owner

A Fulbright scholar and former university professor, Lou knows the meaning of hard work and serving others. Before becoming the owner of Amada Senior Care of Southern Fairfax County, his career included working for everyone’s favorite ensemble theLouay Assaf Muppets, and for a federal broadcasting entity as a managing editor where he oversaw the work of more than 120 journalists in 22 countries on three continents. In short, he is no stranger to logistics, details, precision, creativity, and strong results—qualities that translate to his overarching mission to make the lives of seniors and their families the best they can be, no matter what the challenges.

“I made the transition to in-home care for seniors because I care very deeply about people and I always have, and what better work is there?” Lou says. “When a client or a family member calls Amada Senior Care, they get me, the owner, or Amada’s administrator Nese Reinard on the phone 24/7—not a receptionist or an answering service,” Lou says. “We take our responsibility to you very seriously. We understand that many families are far away, so immediate access to us is crucial. We fill that care gap. We keep the senior and family connected.”