by Dr. Charles Roth, PdD and J. Curtis Moran on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Reliable & Compassionate

Amada as an organization has been honest and reliable—just as Laura has been. She has had years of experience in work with patients of all kinds so her insights and her compassion were so appreciated. My husband, Charles, suffered a traumatic brain injury, so his recovery—like a stroke patient—has been slow.

Laura’s patience, sense of humor, and her like-stories all help in the process. I myself appreciated her confidence in patient care when I needed to take care of errands. And just get out. I didn’t have to worry.

Now that he is better enough to be on his own at home, we will miss her being here.

 by Louise B Givens on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa

Alicia has made my life worth living ... She automatically knows what to do and how to do it ... I love her and will miss her ... she is very bright and you only have to explain things once ... she is a real asset to your company ... you are blessed to have her ... and she feels the same about your company ...

 by Frances Miyade on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa

Selena: excellent service and attitude. Always on time and willing to do anything. Very gentle Well.

Sheri: thanks for sending Sheri. She was very professional and knowledgeable. Amiable as well. She shared stories that made me laugh and smile . Vey important in recovery.

Phoebe: the best. Above and beyond the call of duty. Positive since the beginning. Was with me for six months and never a misstep. So exceptional.

 by Alan Larocque on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Wonderful caregivers

All caregivers were very kind and helpful. This got us through a difficult time feeling cared for.

 by Donald Tarpley on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Wonderful Care and Staff

I have loved all the staff that has been sent to me. They provided a #1 first class care.

 by Janette McClelland on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Peace of Mind

Carol and I want to thank Molly for her loving & helpful care of Carol. Molly enthusiastically supports Carol as she recovers from weekly chemotherapy sessions for Pancreatic cancer. Molly is a can-do person & brings a bright personality to our home. The pets like her too! I am able to have respite time, knowing Molly is feeling on-the-job.

 by Mercedes C. on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Kind and Empathetic Caregivers

Our family just wanted to say how much we appreciate your caregiver, Irene, who is top-notch! My mother's behavior at times can be challenging due to Alzheimer's with sundowners. But thanks to Irene's kind and empathetic, bubbly personality, she brings out the best in mom. Thank you to the entire Amada Senior Care team.

 by Bobbi Peters on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Ref: Joyce peters

Please know how grateful we are for the care Joyce received in her last days. She was making such progress, and she had no fears as she always had someone with her. Everyone treated her so sweetly. Lisa Marie, Marcha and Wilma were her constants. Please relay our heartfelt thoughts to these very kind women. Lisa Marie followed us to the hospital and stayed to make sure Joyce was in good hands. Unfortunately our mom did not get to return home, as her large B cell lymphoma took over and took her quickly and peacefully. Just knowing her last month of life (before we even knew she had lymphoma again) was filled with caring and loving people 24 hours a day brings us such peace of mind. Thank you again.

 by Pat Hegerhorst on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that Love my caregiver Malissa B. She is a kind , considerate and thoughtful caregiver. She has the ability to know what needs to be done and does it before being told. She always does what I ask her at that moment. She is very enthusiastic and happy about helping me.We do our excersise everyday and she keeps me on track.I am so grateful for her and all that she does. Thankyou for sending her to me.

 by Patty Avery on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Mom's Caregiver

Our Mother's care giver, Emma Schwitters, has shown compassion, patience and understanding with my 98 year old mother. I feel better knowing that she is there to help her.

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