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Would you or a loved one benefit from in-home senior care?

We specialize in providing comprehensive, non-medical, in-home care to seniors in the Santa Rosa area.

Senior Home Care You Can Trust in Petaluma, CA

If you are seeking in-home senior care services in Petaluma, you can rely on our team of experts to provide comprehensive and compassionate care. Our services are designed to enhance the quality of life for our seniors, ensuring their safety and well-being while they continue to live in the comfort of their own homes. We offer assistance with daily living activities such as meal preparation, medication reminders, and transportation, and we also provide emotional support to help seniors pursue their interests and hobbies. Our mission is to help seniors age with dignity, independence, and happiness by enabling them to maintain their cherished routines and hobbies. Trust us to provide professional and reliable care that promotes self-sufficiency and a sense of well-being for your loved one.

Catering Support for Both Seniors and Families

Watching a loved one struggle with day-to-day activities can be distressing, and it can be challenging to know how best to assist them. That’s why we at Petaluma are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and reassuring transition to in-home care, helping to alleviate the stress for both you and your family. But our services don’t stop at daily assistance; we also offer expert guidance on senior housing options, financial advice to help with the cost of care, and personalized assistance with navigating Long-Term Care insurance benefits. Our approach is designed to cover all aspects of your loved one’s well-being and provide them with the full support they need.

Amada Caregivers in Petaluma are Trained to Provide Assistance With Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Such As:

In-Home Senior Care Bathing


Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

In-Home Senior Care Dressing Assistance


In-Home Senior Care Transpotation


In-Home Senior Care Meal Preparation, Feeding

Meal Preparation, Feeding

In-Home Senior Care Toileting Assistance ADL


In-Home Senior Care Non Medical Assistance

Most Non-Medical Assistance

Medication Reminders - Amada Senior Care In-Home ADLs

Medication Reminders

In-Home Senior Care - Walking, Ambulation, Exercise Assistance

Walking, Ambulation

Matching Each Senior with the Ideal Caretaker

Amada doesn’t just deliver assisted living; we prioritize companionship as the cornerstone of senior care. Recognizing that seniors deserve more than just physical assistance, our home care helpers in Petaluma focus on enhancing the lives of our senior clients by prioritizing safety, comfort, happiness, and overall well-being. Through close collaboration with seniors and their families, we craft customized home care plans to empower independence, even with the assistance of a caretaker.

As an integral part of our comprehensive senior care philosophy, we take a personalized approach to caregiver selection, matching each client and family with a compassionate companion who resonates with their personality and caters to their unique needs. Whether it’s sharing meaningful conversations, assisting with daily tasks, or providing emotional support, our professional caregivers in Petaluma are committed to delivering personalized and heartfelt care to your beloved family members. Our excellent team offers at-home elder care services to California in Petaluma and in Santa Rosa.

Senior Care from Amada

In-Home Senior Services We Offer in Petuluma

Customized Home Care Plans

We start with a detailed conversation with families to understand the distinct needs of each senior. This collaborative method helps to create care plans that are as unique as the individuals we serve, facilitating a gentle adjustment to our services. We manage all required in-home health assistance, along with activities designed to enrich daily life with purpose and happiness.

Social Interaction and Leisure Activities

Our team is committed to improving the quality of life of our seniors by organizing social and physical activities tailored to seniors’ interests, capabilities, and wishes. Whether it’s engaging in hobbies, keeping in touch with family and friends, participating in religious gatherings, exploring nature, or other preferred activities, we support seniors in staying active and connected.

Selective Caregiver Matching

We prioritize matching our clients with caregivers not only based on their professional abilities but also on their personal compatibility. Our home care providers are selected through a rigorous process that includes extensive background checks, comprehensive training, and constant performance assessments to maintain our high standard of personal care.

Regular Updates and Senior Supervision

We place the utmost importance on maintaining open lines of communication with families, providing them with frequent updates on the care and well-being of their loved ones. Our team is constantly assessing and adjusting our care plans to meet the changing needs of our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible support at all times.

Planning for Long-Term Care Insurance

Navigating the intricacies of insurance for home care services can be overwhelming for seniors and their families. Our experts are here to simplify this process, offering guidance on understanding and utilizing insurance benefits effectively. We handle all insurance paperwork, allowing families to focus on what matters most—spending quality time together.

Guidance on Financial Wellness

We offer expert advice on managing the costs of elderly care, including exploring veterans’ benefits, payment plans, and other financing options for those using private funds. Our goal is to make high-quality health care accessible under any life circumstances.

Assistance Relocating to an Assisted Living Facility

While our primary mission is to provide exceptional in-home care, we also assist families in the process of moving their loved ones to assisted living care facilities or nursing homes when staying at home is no longer a safe option. We understand the challenges of senior living transitions and provide our older adults with continuous support to ensure a seamless and stress-free move.

Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa companionship

Adding a Personal Touch to Elder Care

At Amada Senior Care in Petaluma, we offer senior care solutions that cater to the distinct physical, emotional, and financial circumstances of your loved one. We are proficient in handling Long-Term Care insurance claims, Veterans Administration benefits, and selecting the appropriate senior residence. Our team brings a deep understanding and expertise to assist you through every phase. Together, we will craft a personalized in-home senior care plan that ensures the most beneficial use of your or your loved one’s insurance benefits while efficiently managing payments. Our aim is to ease your worries and simplify the process of home care, making it as effortless and stress-free as possible.

Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa helps understand the costs of in home care

Our Commitment to Petaluma Seniors

Care Beyond Expectations

We strive to go beyond the expectations of every family we assist in Petaluma. Our team is committed to earning your trust by providing personalized and empathetic care that caters to the specific needs of each senior.

Trusting Relationships

Inviting caregivers into your home is a significant act of trust. In Petaluma, we respect this trust by ensuring your loved ones are cared for with great attention and kindness.

Family-Centric Care

Our role in Petaluma goes beyond caring for just the seniors; it encompasses supporting their families as well. We aim to provide ongoing support, guidance, and resources to lessen family stress, with a strong focus on maintaining open lines of communication for transparency and collaboration.

If you’re looking for home care options in Petaluma, please reach out to us for a free needs consultation or call (707) 387-0733. We also offer our services in San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Napa, Rohnert Park, and beyond.


At Amada Senior Care in Petaluma, California, we believe in empowering seniors and their families by providing essential knowledge and choices. Our mission is to guide you through your available care solutions and financial strategies, leading you to our qualified in-home caregivers. We recognize the challenges of finding quality senior home care in Petaluma, we are dedicated to being a dependable resource for your family.

Latest Reviews

 by Amanda M on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Very Professional, efficient. Love Charles

The moment Charles, our non-medical caregiver, came through the door I could read from his body language that he was fully present, ready to work, and caring. I did not hesitate to give him full trust over the care of my father-in-law. What a relief! We really like Charles. We also like how quick and efficient the administration was and always professional and considerate of the difficulties our family was going through. Care started a mere few days after the first phone call, relieving us ASAP. Again, what relief that brought us!

 by Rebecca M on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Excellent People and Care

We were so happy with every person that helped our mom from Amada Senior Care. Each one was kind and thoughtful and professional, from the Owners, Angela and Mike, to the Office Staff and each Caregiver. We appreciated Laurann, Susan, Afsana, Ritha, Ashley, and Ana. Mom enjoyed the help and company of every Caregiver, but especially bonded with Ana. Thank you to each one of you for everything, and we will definitely return to you if needed in the future!

 by Jeffrey on Amada Senior Care Santa Rosa
Care for James Redding's stay at Park View Acute Care

Long story short. My James would not have been able to be released from the hospital without the presence of an overnight sitter. Angela at Amada Senior Care quickly provided a sitter on the same day (afternoon!) that I requested one. For an entire week, the overnight sitters were prompt and pleasant. James (Jim) enjoyed having them all. By name: Mispah, Courtney, Zana, and Mary all provided excellent care. I wish I had known about Amada care before this event. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing personal care and attention.

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