by Amina Hassan on Amada Senior Care San Rafael

Amada Senior Care provides exceptional care for my mother. The caregivers are highly professional and have made a big difference in her quality of life.

 by Ismail Ahmed on Amada Senior Care San Rafael

The team at Amada Senior Care is highly compassionate and reliable. They have provided excellent care for my grandmother, and have become like family to us.

 by Maya Gockenbach on Amada Senior Care San Rafael
Great Care for my mother

I live in Florida and had to fly out for 2 weeks to care for my mother who had recently fallen and broken her back and my dad who at the same time had knee surgery. I am a physical therapist and know how important it is to have someone there to help out with making sure your loved ones are safe with walking and showering in their own home. After talking on the phone with Angela I felt a peace knowing they were able to make a care plan specific to helping my mom and wanted to know about her routines on how they could help her better until more family could come in and help us. Care was set up the days and times we wanted and everybody came on time and took great care of my mother. I appreciate a service who delivers on all the things we talked about on the phone so my mom was taken care of the way I would be able to if I did not live so far away. I would for sure use their services again in the future.

 by Bala Marar on Amada Senior Care San Rafael
Care and professionalism

Angela and her team at Amada provided my wife and I

with a service which was very

good and responsive when we needed it. Also very professional on solving issues

and thoughtful on solving any issues.

 by Alejandra Ruiz on Amada Senior Care San Rafael

I would highly recommend Amada Senior Care to anyone looking for quality care for their loved ones. The caregivers are highly professional and provide excellent service.

 by Gabriana M. on Amada Senior Care San Rafael
Thankful to Have Found Amada

I needed help caring for my elderly, disabled mother, so I am very thankful to have found Amada following a recommendation by a social worker I trust. I was very pleased after going through the initial care assessment review with the owner, Angela. She was helpful, understanding and kind. Also, the scheduling staff is wonderful and I love that I can text the team during times I can't call. Plus, the billing guy, Michael, is an angel! I absolutely love that he makes sure to directly bill the long-term care insurance company. It takes that process off of my plate and I am so grateful.

We feel that our Amada caregiver, Sarah, has truly been heaven-sent! She is not only respectful but kind and understanding. She also is flexible, eager, a quick learner, and an incredibly hard worker! Since Sarah is the only caregiver my mother has ever truly liked and trusted, she allows Sarah to help her with more personal tasks. This has been a lifesaver for me! Sarah is always on time for the shift and doesn't rush off at the end like she can't wait to leave. We appreciate that she is non-judgmental, enthusiastic, thorough, considerate, well-mannered, and always wants to help more. She goes above and beyond with mom.

We found that Sarah is good at following a recipe and can cook based on mom's preferences and what's in the pantry. She also is a competent driver. I trust her entirely, as I have seen Sarah act intuitively in looking out for my mom in the same way I do. I feel so grateful that we've found such a magnificent match and wonderful helper in Sarah! Thank you, Sarah, and thank you Amada!!!

I have recommended Amada to fellow family caregivers to their parents who need more help and will continue to do so!

 by Mrs. Dr. Charles R. and Curtis M. on Amada Senior Care San Rafael
Honest and Reliable

Amada Senior Care has been honest and reliable. The insights and compassion offered by caregiver Laura were so appreciated, as she had years of experience with all kinds of clients. Laura’s patience, sense of humor and stories have helped in my husband's recovery process after he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Having confidence about the care he was receiving allowed me to take the time I needed to run errands and take a break without worry. My husband has improved enough that he can be on his own at home. However, we will both miss Laura being here.

 by Louise G. on Amada Senior Care San Rafael
Life is Worth Living

Your caregiver has made life worth living. Alicia is very bright, and knows what to do and how to do things. She is a true asset to your agency.

 by Omar Abdallah on Amada Senior Care San Rafael

The care provided by Amada Senior Care is highly kind and empathetic. They have done an amazing job taking care of my mother, and have become like family to us.

 by Anya Petrova on Amada Senior Care San Rafael

The caregivers at Amada Senior Care have gone above and beyond my expectations. They have provided exceptional care for my grandfather, and I am grateful for their service.

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