Caring, Courteous, and Professional

Amada Senior Care always provides caregivers who are courteous, professional, and caring. Their assistance has been tremendous with my 95-year-old mother. Our family wouldn't call any other agency.

Thanks Rick

Rick Hagins at Amada (and wife Michelle) had assisted in the care of my mother during hospice. Rick came immediately to the hospital, helped with mounds of paperwork with insurance and other benefits, and supplied a team of caregivers. I can’t thank him enough for immediately coming to our aid at a very desperate time. He understood just how to walk us through each step. Thanks, Rick!

Our Caregiver is Great!

Our caregiver Leslie at Amada Senior Care is great. She takes so much of the pressure of providing care in the morning off my shoulders. Thank you!

Long-Term Care Insurance Guidance

Rick from Amada Senior Care was able to guide me through getting my Long-Term Care insurance claim completed. What a relief! Not only was Rick very responsive but also helpful to my needs. I recommend him and Amada highly!

Very Accommodating

During a challenging time, Amada was very understanding and accommodating.

Punctuality, Professionalism, Value, Responsiveness

Amada Senior Care of San Fernando Valley provides excellent care. Their caregivers show up on time and regularly provide great service. Co-owner Michelle proactively advises me about any issues and keeps in touch with the caregivers who provide care. I worry much less about receiving home care than I did with other agencies.

Very Helpful!

I contacted Amada for help with my elderly aunt. The same caregiver has been with her mostly from day one. The caregiver takes my aunt to doctor appointments, to run errands, and to get her food. She also helps remind my aunt to take her medication on time.

I was provided the office number for Rick and his team from a rehab center where my aunt stayed temporarily. Amada took over caregiving when my aunt got home. Both Rick and Michelle are great and very helpful!

Absolutely Fantastic!

Rick and his team make sure that my mom gets to her monthly doctor's appointment on time. They do so in a supportive way, and it gives me tremendous ease of mind to know mom she is well taken care of. Not only that, but the caregiving team is very responsive and their level of care and professionalism is unparalleled. I highly recommend with a 10/10. Amada is absolutely fantastic!

Amada - Frederick Maryland

My thanks go out to the Office Manager and multiple Caregivers at Amada in Frederick Maryland, recommended to me as reliable by a local nurse in social services. They are friendly, responsive, and have handled a difficult patient with genuine concern. After a few issues with one of their caregivers, which I believe was an anomaly, they found a replacement in short order. I've relied on them a great deal. Definitely recommend.

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Rick Hagins and Amada Senior Care, who helped me while in a desperate situation needing last-minute and affordable care for my mother. Not only is she challenging to care for, but an added challenge was being in Koreatown with no access to parking. RN Barbara Wogh, (a true blessing!) of Keeping Your Parents Safe, referred us to Amada and the owner, Rick, was able to provide in-home support the next day.

After explaining all of the particulars of our situation, Rick went above and beyond to successfully meet our unique and complex needs within 24 hours. The caregiver caring for mom was compassionate and skilled, and assisted with cleaning. We were deeply grateful for this, as we didn't expect it since just caring for my mom is a full-time job. I will always be grateful for such excellent help and support during a challenging time.

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