Caregiver Jobs in San Fernando Valley

Amada Senior Care San Fernando Valley is hiring compassionate individuals for in-home caregiving positions. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use your skills to help enrich lives as a member of the Amada team, please click on the orange button above or on the link below and submit an application.

Amada Senior Care San Fernando Valley is currently hiring individuals with appropriate experience and credentials. Read on to learn about the many benefits of working with us.

Why Work for Amada San Fernando Valley?

Upward Mobility and Mentoring

  • At Amada San Fernando Valley, we hire caregivers who are ambitious and dedicated to constantly exploring new ways to care for our clients. Through offering mentorship, promoting from within, and additional programs, we encourage our staff to grow their careers within the Amada community.

Competitive Wages

  • Amada caregivers do what they do because they love it, but they also need to make ends meet. We offer competitive pay and opportunities for increased wages through regular performance reviews. We also reward superiority and experience, and we compensate our caregivers according to the needs of the clients they serve.

No-Fee Continuing Education

Amada staff have access to free CEU-based training, such as:

  • State certifications training.
  • Continuing Education Units for CNAs and RNS.
  • Training specific to client conditions, such as diabetes, offered both on-site and online.
  • Amada Training Center, where staff can brush-up on basic skills and equipment training.

We’ll Work with Your Schedule

  • Many of our caregivers don’t have full-time availability or have other commitments that prevent them from working a traditional schedule. We want working with Amada San Fernando Valley to work for you, so we gladly accommodate staff who need to work part-time, nights, or other types of schedules.

We Value and Reward our Employees

  • At Amada San Fernando Valley, we hire the very best caregivers and staff, and we regularly show our appreciation for them through caregiver events, incentives like gas and grocery cards, bonuses for “Caregiver of the Month” and Caregiver of the Year,” and other perks.

A Robust National Presence

  • There are more than 80 Amada Senior Care offices in 30 states, so if you ever decide to move away from the San Fernando Valley area, you may be able to continue to work with Amada.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

  • If a person is an excellent caregiver but is unpleasant to work with, this is a detriment to all of us. We are careful to hire people we want to spend time with, which means that the Amada San Fernando Valley team is comprised of friendly, caring, and committed people just like you!

Tools and Technology to Work Smarter

  • As a caregiver, your main priority should be your clients–not filling out paperwork or endless documentation! Amada has enlisted state-of-the-art technology to create our Caregiver Portal, which makes documentation, scheduling, and other business fast, effective, and easy.

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