by Patty Sakalik on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh
Amada Senior Care for our Dad

Amada Senior Care is amazing! Joe is a super caring person who puts all his effort into helping our loved ones be able to stay in their homes in their elder years. We needed care for our father after he was in the hospital and rehab for a number of weeks. We set up home health but he needed extra care till he got stronger and Amada sent us the very best help for him. After that , we adjusted our care to his needs and Joe was right there to guide us. His Staff is amazing ,especially Kim, who was his caregiver for over 3 years. Amada care is family to us, very kind and concerned about our dad. I would definitely recommend this service they provide to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

 by Savannah on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh
A true Family

I worked for Joe Armada years ago. He and his company are loving and compassionate not only to their clients but to staff as well. A true sense of family for everyone involved. Thank you Joe.

 by Lisa Hominsky on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh
Amada Senior Care

So pleased with Amada Senior Care! Joe was our first contact and he was caring and helpful in accessing our needs. We scheduled a caregiver for my mother. She was personable and provided wonderful care. We will be using Amada in our future schedules and we definitely recommend their services!

 by Rebecca Vilsack on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh
Thank you!

When I called Amada Senior Care, I was expecting to have the same conversation as I'd had with several other care agencies; that included what services were and were not available, long wait times, set schedules, etc.
What I got was a wonderful conversation with Joe (Spehar). His caring attitude was an exceptional experience which reassured me I was making the right choice in care for my brother.
His employees are treated with respect which also means they are giving the best care possible. Joe was able to accommodate our needs with his staff both in their personalities and within our budget.
Thanks Joe for taking the time to get to know me and my brother!

 by Gail Antonoff on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh

Joe did a fantastic job in hiring Leah. Leah is fantastic. She does everything without my reminding her to do so. and more teaching me how to use an I Phone. She is patient at helping my husband who suffered a stroke. Thank you Joe.

 by Mary Jane on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh
Wonderful Caregivers

Joe and his staff have been amazing with the care for our Dad. Joe helped get the long term care insurance activated and explained exactly how the policy works so we can get the most out of it. My Dad can be a little hard to get along with but the Amada caregivers were all wonderful and patient with Dad.
Thanks so much for all you do!

I would highly recommend this group for anyone that needs quality care.


Thank you for all of the help you gave me with my father. We couldn't have done it without you and the amazing caregivers. They were all so wonderful and patient with Dad.

 by John S. on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh
LTC Insurance

Thank you so much for helping out my parents. I don't know what I would have done without your expertise and experience working with their insurance company. We would have had know idea what to do or what say to the insurance company about using their policy to pay for care. Its such a relief to know they are in good hands. The care they are receiving has been excellent. I love the family portal that allows me to see how everything is going from afar. I'm so glad we found Amada Senior Care.

 by Mike N. on Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh
Amazing Service!

Thank you AMADA Senior Care for helping a family friend with MS who ended up in the hospital while her children were far away on vacation. Paulett dropped everything and went straight to the hospital to see how she could help. That was unbelievably awesome! Our friend was relaeased from the hospital the next day and your team took her home and cared for her while her family finished their vacation and headed home. What a comfort it was to our friend and her family that she was recieving the care she needed. It could have been a very different story if it hadnt been for you and your team. Thanks again,

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