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Would you or a loved one benefit from in-home senior care?

We specialize in providing comprehensive, non-medical, in-home care to seniors in the Orlando area.

Excellent Elder Care in Maitland

Are you or a cherished family member needing personalized in-home care services? Contact us at Amada Senior Care for a Free Care Needs Consultation. Specializing in delivering non-medical in-home care tailored for seniors in the Maitland vicinity, our dedicated caregivers are here to enhance the lives of your loved ones. Our primary objective at Amada Senior Care is twofold: firstly, to ensure seniors can safely reside in the comfort of their homes, and secondly, to provide unwavering support as they pursue their favorite activities, hobbies, and interests. Our range of customized services includes aid with activities of daily living (ADLs), covering everything from meal preparation, medication reminders, and transportation to shopping, running errands, and beyond.

What sets Amada Senior Care apart from other home care solutions? Notably, our services extend beyond in-home care. We provide financial counseling to make care more accessible and act as personal advocates, representing you in accessing and activating Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) benefits.

Contact us to discover the comprehensive personal care that sets Amada Senior Care apart.

Amada Caregivers are Trained to Provide Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as:

In-Home Senior Care Bathing


Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

In-Home Senior Care Dressing Assistance


In-Home Senior Care Transpotation


In-Home Senior Care Meal Preparation, Feeding

Meal Preparation, Feeding

In-Home Senior Care Toileting Assistance ADL


In-Home Senior Care Non Medical Assistance

Most Non-Medical Assistance

Medication Reminders - Amada Senior Care In-Home ADLs

Medication Reminders

In-Home Senior Care - Walking, Ambulation, Exercise Assistance

Walking, Ambulation

Companionship with Our Seniors

Assisting older adults with daily activities is undoubtedly crucial, but our home care aides at Amada. We understand that genuine companionship is equally vital. Our commitment to delivering what many describe as “good old-fashioned companionship” alongside essential care services sets us apart. Our focus is not only on ensuring the safety and comfort of senior clients but also on fostering happiness and well-being. We collaborate with senior care clients and their families to craft personalized home care plans, fostering independence and comfort in the familiar surroundings of their homes.

As an integral part of our comprehensive senior care approach, we carefully match each in-home care client and their family with an Amada caregiver who complements their personality and addresses their unique needs. Whether it’s preparing Grandma’s favorite meal, playing a board game with Dad, or simply lending a sympathetic ear to your loved one‘s concerns, you can trust that Amada Senior Care is dedicated to supporting you throughout your senior home care journey. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality of in-home senior care infused with warmth, kindness, and compassion. In-Home Senior Care in Maitland” put this text: “We are proud to offer at-home elder care services to Florida in Maitland and Orlando.

Senior Care from Amada

Family Caregivers

At Amada Senior Care, we recognize that our actions profoundly impact not only our senior home care clients but also their loved ones who care deeply for them. When a family member faces unmet needs, the feelings of frustration and helplessness can be overwhelming. To address this, we actively involve seniors’ loved ones in our senior care plans and maintain open and frequent communication with them. This approach allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s needs and alleviates concerns regarding their safety, quality of life, and overall comfort.

To discover how an Amada Maitland in-home caregiver can enhance comfort and safety by assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) and incorporating life-enriching activities, please reach out for a Free Care Needs Consultation. Our objective is to cultivate a nurturing environment for each senior home care client, empowering them to continue engaging in activities they love. At Amada Senior Care in Maitland, home care is more than just a job—it’s our calling.

While the creation of a personalized senior care plan marks the beginning of our journey with clients requiring home care in Maitland, our commitment extends beyond. We regularly monitor each home care aide’s performance and maintain ongoing communication with our clients and their families, ensuring that we consistently deliver the very best care and companionship.


Tackling the Paperwork and Difficult Steps

Our team takes a personalized and consultative approach to home care, so you can rest assured that your family members are getting the best possible care.

As specialists in Long-Term Care insurance claims, we help our clients navigate the complexities of insurance benefits and claims. For those who pay for private care, our senior home care financial advisers will work with you to find the best payment options for in-home care in Maitland. If you or your loved one has served in the military, we can help determine which benefits may be available through the Veterans Administration.

Our goal is to guide you in choosing the best home care provider for your loved ones, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

If the time comes when you need help, we will find the perfect senior community in Maitland that caters to your senior loved one’s specific physical, emotional, and financial needs. With our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of senior living options in the Maitland area, we have built strong relationships with the coordinators who oversee assisted living, skilled nursing, board-and-care homes, and other communities. We know that exploring the many senior living options available in the Maitland area can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to elder care. That’s why we offer our senior home care clients and their families the patience, understanding, and guidance they need to explore all possibilities, ensuring that your loved one is in the best hands. Your loved one is in the best hands.

Our commitment is to stand by you and your family throughout the entire journey. We strive to alleviate our clients’ burdens, aiming to simplify and streamline every aspect of home care in Maitland, making it as easy and stress-free as possible. Allow us to take the lead in coordinating an in-home senior care plan designed to maximize the utilization of your or your loved one’s long-term care insurance benefits. Our dedicated team manages payments and attends to all the necessary details, ensuring that you and your family can shift your focus to more crucial matters.

helps understand the costs of in home care

Amada Senior Care Caregivers’ Commitment

We aim to exceed expectations for every family we have the privilege of working with. Recognizing that inviting us into your lives and home is an expression of trust, our senior home care advisers and caregivers strive daily to ensure that your trust is well-placed. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalized and compassionate senior care in Maitland.

Moreover, we aspire to be more than just a care provider—we aim to be a source of support, guidance, and comfort for you and your family. At Amada Senior Care in Maitland, we firmly believe that no one should navigate the complexities of in-home care alone.

If you or a loved one could benefit from home care in Maitland, please reach out to Amada Senior Care for a Free Care Needs Consultation. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with seniors and their families to create a personalized quality care plan, enabling seniors to maintain safety, independence, and comfort in their homes. Beyond in-home care, our services extend to expert senior housing advisory services in the Maitland area, financial counseling to enhance affordability, and more. It is our mission to support you through every step of your senior care journey.

If you’re looking for home care in Maitland, please reach out to us for a free needs consultation or call 407-378-6998.


We Are Here to Help

We recognize the importance of informed decisions for seniors and their families when it comes to care options. When you’re ready for home care, our care advisors at Amada will guide you through understanding all the available care options and help you explore the financial choices to fund the expertise of our caregivers. Drawing from our experience, we understand that finding quality home care can be a challenge. That’s precisely why you need a Maitland senior care agency you can trust. We are committed to providing transparent information and reliable support to ensure you make the best choices for your loved ones’ care needs.

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Ethical, truly caring, and true ! Dell and Veronica are a testament to outstanding character. Their commitment to ethical practices, honesty, and customer satisfaction is truly commendable. Highly recommended!! They are business owners you can trust and admire. Five stars for impeccable character!"

 by Will Montgomery on Amada Senior Care Reviews
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"Outstanding integrity! Dell and Veronica's characters shine through in every interaction. Honest, transparent, and always putting customers first. It's a pleasure to support a business led by such commendable individuals. Five stars for sure!"

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