Amada Orlando Trained Caregivers

Deciding who to trust with providing in-home care either for yourself or a loved one can quickly seem like an overwhelming task. Read on to understand how a trained caregiver from a home care agency provides quality care for a senior loved one.

At Amada Senior Care, we want the process of starting home care to be easy and comfortable with lots of open and honest communication.

Are you looking for an in-home caregiver? If so, did you know there are two very different types of caregiver organizations? One is called a home care agency. The other is called a registry. Knowing how they differ from each other will put you or your loved one on the right path to receiving the quality care that meets your specific health and lifestyle needs.

As a home care agency, Amada Senior Care manages the caregiver who provides assistance to you or your loved one. Our in-home care services are based on a written plan of care created specifically for the care recipient.

When you use a registry to provide care, all the tasks involved in creating a personalized care plan and managing the caregiver (as well as any legal responsibilities) fall on the care recipient, spouse or other family member.

Watching the informational video below can help you understand the many differences between a home care agency and a registry, including what each means for your personalized in-home care or that of a loved one.