Amada Senior Care Reviews

 by Gloria Guinyard on Amada Senior Care North Houston

Very good reviews

 by Vikki Clyburn on Amada Senior Care North Houston
Amada Senior Care Pearland

As an operator of assisted living communities I have called on Amada Senior Care many times for help. I have found them to be honest, timely, and compassionate. The one time there was an issue with a caregiver, it was taken care of by the owners immediately and in person. I will always reach out to this team. No reason to look anywhere else!

 by Honey Leveen on Amada Senior Care North Houston
Service Orientated

Over the past 30+ years I've sold over 2000 long-term care insurance policies. I often seen LTC insurance provide transformative, life enhancing access to quality long-term care. Whenever possible, I refer clients to Amada. Claiming for their LTC benefits is usually something my clients can no longer manage. Improperly done, it will result in frustration, delay, or unnecessary claim denial. What sets Amada apart from competitors is that they are specifically trained to file and manage LTC claims. They remove this heavy burden for my clients and get their claims paid. I have not seen competitors who are as adept in this area. In addition, the Amada agencies I've dealt with are highly service-oriented. My clients have been pleased with them.

Happy holidays!


 by Tiffany McDonald on Amada Senior Care North Houston

Thank you Thank You!
For a great opportunity Amada senior care , A Company who cares

 by Romulo Taborda on Amada Senior Care North Houston

I can't speak for others, but Everytime I stopped by the office or I call for assistance, I felt like the office staff are always ready to help, they are knowledgeable about the things they ought to know about, and always kind and respectful. I'm grateful to have the support of this particular office staff because it gives me the confidence to do my job and know that there is a A-team ready to help me whenever I need it. Thank you for taking care of me

 by Brenda Williams on Amada Senior Care North Houston
Service Questions

I would like to say that Danyell has great customer service and she does really well in answering all the questions that I personally had about the company

 by Sylvia Anderson on Amada Senior Care North Houston
Customer care

U truly appreciate the genuine care and professionalism of Danyell. She has a special desire of caring for the elderly that is hard to find. Thanks Danyell for all you do. Truly a god given person. Integrity at ita's finest.

 by Lisa Buffaloe on Amada Senior Care North Houston
Comforting blessing

Amada blessed our family to add additional care for my dad, who has Alzheimers, during his time in rehabilitation for his broken kneecap. Because of Covid we were unable to be with him and he couldn't understand why he wasn't able to leave the facility. Amada provided caregivers to sit with him and keep him calm. Amada provided comfort for my dad and for us! Thank you, Amada for your wonderful care!

 by Lowell on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I have been highly satisfied with their work for me. They have gone above and beyond what would be required of them.

 by Mindy Troy on Amada Senior Care North Houston

Reached out to their team for help of an old friend in need of in home assistance. Unfortunately, their company couldn't help. However, they researched and held my hand through the whole process! They were incredible and I can't thank them enough for their kindness. Thank you a million times over!

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