by Steven Dalton jr on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I been at Amada Senior Care for little under 6 months. I can say it was one of my best decisions. I started off as a Caregiver then was moved up to an Administrator assistance. Stephanie has been truly a great Administrator. Amada Senior Care is truly a great company to work for.

I used Amada, you should too

Hello, I used Amada for home care in the Milwaukee area and found them very accommodating, responsive and flexible. The caregivers did a good job. When Mom started to decline, they changed the care plan and shifted the hours as needed, they helped us alot. I recommend Amada Milwaukee.

Very appreciative of your service

You provide a good service and I want to thank you for providing care for him. He always appreciated your caregivers. Thanks again, your team really made it easier for our family.

Amada truly cares

After our father became widowed, my sisters and I struggled to find quality caregiving for him. Naturally, we wanted the best in-home senior care around provided by a trained and competent person who not only is passionate about being a caregiver but also a congenial companion. That caregiver is Lisa, who was paired with our family by Amada Milwaukee and is all we were asking for and more! Our father looks forward to Lisa's visits. We also have experienced excellent service from all members of the Amada Milwaukee team. We always get a fast response time and they meet our questions with patience and understanding. Our family highly recommends Amada Senior Care to anyone looking for top-quality care for a loved one.

Very pleased!

My aunt has been very pleased with the quality of the service that she's received. Her recovery after rehab has been fantastic. This is such a great thing so thank you so much!

by Dorothy M. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Great Company

I would like to thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. You are very thoughtful. Glad to be part of your team.

Penny and Ebony were fantastic with my Grandma.Caring, knowledgeable and loving just like family !The care the Amada team gave to my Grandma in the last week of her life was outstanding.I cant thank them enough!!!!!

by Suzanne Marie on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Mom’s Helping Angels

Everyday Mom’s AMADA help came with a smile on their faces and a commitment to caring for her needs. It was such a relief to know she had the help she needed to remain in her home. When her health faded quickly at the end, the AMADA group was a major comfort to me and my siblings. They were amazing for 14 months.

Very impressed

Your company provided a remarkable service to my family and I during a time of need. The caregivers were great and I wish we started this sooner. Well done and thanks again.

by Diane Davis on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Kindness is a mission

This effort to provide senior care was created by these smart and innovative people. I support their mission and their success is a result of having such a dedicated mission. They are kind and serve people well.

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