Nov 2, 2021
He's in Good Hands

Today solidified our choice of AMADA Senior Care for dad as being the Best decision ever. The ae punctual, professional, patient, caring, efficient, and effective in the care they provide.
Thanks so much for bringing a level of comfort, not only to dad but to us as well.

Oct 15, 2021

We were looking for care for dad and deeply researched companies. We are so grateful we came across AMADA. The service was beyond our expectations. This is the one of the best companies in this field.

Jan 29, 2021
by Vivian A Felder on Amada Senior Care Memphis
Service Better Than I Could Have Imagined

The first indication that I had chosen the right company to care for my loved one was when the owner, Mr. Alfred Milan called me back. After the conversation, he came to our home on the first day to meet my loved one and the family. He also gave me his personal cell number in case I had any issues and said, "Call me anytime, day or night".

All of the caregivers were marvelous. Everyone was professional, respectful, and knowledgeable and treated her like the Queen she was. Each caregiver showed familiarity with her so there was not an awkward period of getting to know them. They each had a very good sense of humor and made her smile even when she was in pain. The caregivers prepared meals, cleaned the common areas, washed dishes, washed clothes, changed linen and bathe her every day. Ms. El ironed her sheets because she did not think they were soft enough. They transferred her when she requested it, kept her clean and dry and turned her to prevent sores. We all became family to each other and they treated her as if she was their loved one.

The caregivers remembered the things she liked and how she liked things done after the first day taking care of her. When our scheduling needs changed, Mr. Milan and Ms. Elnora ensured someone was available even though they were given less than two to three hours' notice. Their care of my loved one allowed me to enjoy the precious moments we had left. Dennis and Joyce were wonderful and she looked forward to seeing them.

Dennis was the first caregiver she met and the last one to take care of her before she got her wings. He stood by my side during the transition process and was comforting. He remained in the home with us until she was taken away. Mr. Milan came as soon as he was notified bearing food for the family.

The employees and the owner are angels on earth who understand the concept of total care for your loved ones. Their main goal was to allow us time to enjoy her while they took care of the family.

I would recommend Amada to anyone who is looking for caregivers.

Nov 30, 2020
Outstanding care

When our mother came home with kidney failure, Amada made all the difference in our ability to care for her at home. Every Amada caregiver was a jewel. They were outstanding.

Nov 16, 2020
by Louise Gaffney on Amada Senior Care Memphis

When my husband suddenly went on home hospice care, we needed additional care and support on very short notice. The hospice recommend Amada Senior Care and Alfred came to our house almost immediately. He was very friendly and caring and we were immediately comfortable with trusting his care to their service. Within 2 hours, Alfred had his team on site. We were very impressed with their attentiveness and compassion, allowing us to focus on spending quality time with my husband. The entire team was great, but we were particularly impressed with Marvin and Dennis, who went above and beyond in their care. We couldn't have made a better choice in handling this very difficult situation and the Amada team was a big reason for that. Thank you!

Nov 9, 2020

After my dad struggled with Alzheimer's we wanted to find a company with compassion to take care of my dad and we did. They are simply an excellent company. I would recommend to anyone.

Nov 9, 2020
Top Home Care in Mid-South

When our mother was diagnosed with Dementia we really struggled to fine the best home care in Memphis. Someone told us about Amada and we made the best decision for our parents. Great Staff. Truly Care about what they are doing!

Sep 21, 2020
Best Service

Alfred and his team really cared about my families needs and will give you the best service we have seen. We will only use Amada.

Sep 8, 2020
Best Service

We called Amada and the staff are very professional and they truly cared about my parents health and we appreciate the staff for assisting our family.

Aug 24, 2020
Veterans Benefits

When my father began to need help in the home. I called Amada because I heard that they would research and check for benefits on our behalf of the veteran and it is true. I would recommend them to any one.

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