by Andrea Silverstein on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Amazing Service

We have been using Amada for care for my mother for several years. They are extremely caring, professional, and reliable. I can literally count on them 24/7 - even in an emergency. The caregivers and management feel like family and demonstrate an incredible level of care and commitment to my mother. They go the extra mile and I am so grateful to them. I highly recommend Amada! You will not be disappointed.

 by Regina Dodge on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Amada Senior Care Review, Las Vegas

Amada Senior Health Care - Las Vegas

During early November, at age 94, I informed my good friend, Jane, that I think I need some home care. I had been paying Home Care Insurance, starting in 1999 with American Travelers’ Insurance, and after name changes, it became Senior Health Insurance Program, “SHIP,” which is now in Rehabilitation.

Jane called her son, who is a lawyer in another state, and asked if he had any recommendations for a good senior home care company in the Las Vegas area. He recommended two companies, and Amada Senior Health Care was the chosen one that was most appropriate for my needs.

Jane arranged a meeting for me with the owners of the company, David, and his cousin Stacey, each of whom has comprehensive skills in managing Amada Senior Health Care services, including communication with “SHIP”, my Long -Term Care Insurance company.

One of the goals of the meeting was to get to know me and match me up with the person who would be my caregiver. David and Stacey were professional, amiable, and listened to my concerns attentively throughout my time spent with them.

Soon after the meeting, I was assigned the person who would be my caregiver five days a week, three hours each day. Her name is Marites, and little did I realize at first what a beautiful, kind, and caring soul she is! She perceives my needs, is multi-talented, task-oriented, and has eased my life’s challenges so much that I am grateful each moment she is with me. I fervently hope she can be my caregiver for the rest of my life!

I am grateful for the wisdom of David and Stacey. Marites was a perfect match for me! I highly recommend Amada Senior Care for those who cherish their remaining years of life! By Regina F. Dodge

 by Shannon S on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Fantastic Place!!

Amada Senior Care Las Vegas came highly recommended, and now I know why. Call them to get the best caregiving help for your loved one and support for your family. Call Amada especially if your loved on has long-term care insurance because they specialize in LTCi claims advocacy.

Thank you, Shannon, for your recommendation on our long-term care insurance advocacy and managing claims.

 by Robert Vance DO on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Very Caring And Attentive

Very caring and attentive. Prompt and personalized service. Hands-on approach to each client. Easy to work with.

We can't thank you enough for entrusting Amada Las Vegas with your patients! We love them!

 by Frank S. on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Very Helpful And Reliable

My mom struggled with many daily activities, and was hospitalized on and off for nearly a year. My sister and I live out of state, so it was very difficult for us to help her on a daily basis. We somehow found Amada, and they worked with our family to develop a care plan for my mom and she has been doing extremely well for several years now. Amada helps her with shopping, and doctors, and phone calls and laundry and many many other things like taking the cat to the vet! We really appreciate their commitment to her well being we are very pleased and blessed we can count on them to provide the care she needs. 🙂

 by Susan Orr on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Wonderful Company

I am 75 and I have had Alexandra (Alex) with Amada helping me over the past six weeks while my foot and ankle were in a cast. Alex was a life saver. She helped me bathe, fixed my breakfast, took me to Doctors appointments and ran errands for groceries and medicine. She was very professional, cheerful, and a wonderful caregiver. I highly recommend Amada to anyone who is in need of a caregiver.

 by Marguerite S. on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Very Helpful! Just What I Needed!

The folks at Amada Senior Care helped me to understand my insurance policy. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and able to assist me with the everyday living tasks that have become so difficult. Thank you, Amada Senior Care.

Thank you so much for your comments! ? We really enjoy you and helping in any way can! Love, Your Amada Family

 by Gretchen B. on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Professional And Amazing Friendly Staff.

The whole staff is so very professional ans.friendly and very reasonable rates.

Thank you for your positive feedback Gretchen!

 by Charlotte D. on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
High Quality Service

They go beyond what they are required to provide. Ever since we met them they have always done everything possible and easier for us in our lives.

Thank you for your kind words Charlotte! We love you and John so much!! We appreciate your love and friendship!

 by Dona M. M. on Amada Senior Care Las Vegas
Best Place

They really helped me out a lot with understanding my Long Term Care Insurance policy. Amada also did all of the paperwork for me to turn on my claim and get help immediately in my home.

Thank you Dona! I appreciated the hat you made for me! ? Love you and Bob!

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