Amada University: Learn How to Grow Your Senior Care Business

Our comprehensive training program is designed to give you all the tools you need to build a successful home care business. 

What is Amada University?

Building Your Senior Home Care Franchise

You have just taken maybe the biggest leap of your life and joined the senior healthcare community. You are embarking on a journey to meet the personal care needs of some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, our seniors. So many questions are racing through your mind, but one will resurface time and time again: “Will I get the support I need to grow my business and impact the seniors we care for?” The answer will always be a resounding ‘YES’! Below is just a sampling of what our Training and Support team offers:

nurse taking care of elderly patient


Finding, hiring, and retaining the highest quality caregivers for your in-home care services.

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Developing meaningful relationships with key referral sources in your community.

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Effectively and efficiently managing your business day-to-day.

The Pre-Opening Phase for an In-Home Care Franchise Business

Opening a new business venture requires a multitude of tasks and duties that can quickly overwhelm even the most seasoned professional. From day one, you will have a dedicated Amada staff member to ensure that none of the details or steps are missed as you create your business from the ground up. Our Pre-Opening Business Consultants will guide you and your team using a detailed checklist of to-dos ensuring that you open your doors as quickly as possible. For those states where you are required to obtain a license to provide private-duty care services, AFI has dedicated, expert staff that will work with you through the licensure process.

Practical Tools

Not only will we give you the practical tools you will need to develop a sustainable and scalable business during Amada U, but we will also work directly with you in implementing and applying those tools in your market. AFI will come to your location and work directly with you and your staff for three days to confirm that you are employing our best practices.

FBC Program

After you complete our Amada U training week, we will align you with an experienced Franchise Business Coach and partner you with a seasoned Amada Franchise Owner. They will work directly with you as you build, grow, and expand your business footprint. Our Franchise Owner Mentors and Franchise Business Coaches know what it takes to succeed in the competitive home care space and are excited to share their secrets of success with you.

From the day you join our Amada family until the day you execute your exit strategy, you can be confident that our Training and Support Department will be with you every step of the way.

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Get the Support You Need to Grow Your Senior Care Business

At Amada Senior Care, we go above and beyond to provide the best care to our senior clients and support for their family members. If you’re interested in starting a new franchise business and want to make a positive impact on seniors’ lives, then Amada University is the perfect learning option. We understand the importance of seniors aging in their own homes. During your time at Amada University, you will learn everything you need to know about providing the best care options for your senior clients and how to build a successful senior care franchise business.

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