Meet Our Amada Corona Senior Care Team

Nora Liu | Training & Support Specialist 

Nora oversees training of admin and care staff, along with other administrative responsibilities and client services. She assesses training and care delivery as it pertains to full documentation of caregiving and financial coordination services provided to Amada Corona clients.  

“I have always been grateful for this opportunity since I could dedicate myself to the elderly we love,” says Nora. “I used to volunteer at a nursing facility in China, which made me aware that many elderly people can grow lonely, particularly if their children live far away and are not able to visit that often. I’m so happy being here at Amada Corona where we can provide the personalized care and genuine companionship to support a senior’s physical and mental health as they age at home safely. We provide that concern and want seniors to feel they are loved. 


Sheri Wilson | Care Coordinator

Sheri is responsible for organizing and arranging schedules between caregivers and clients, as well as training, educating and evaluating caregivers.

She is known for her professionalism and dedicated care to multiple senior clients. She has been a caregiver at heart from a very young age.


Derek Li | Marketing Specialist 

Derek oversees all marketing initiatives for Amada Corona, including social media platforms for which he creates videos and other content that educates and informs the public about senior care services. He feels his position as the team’s marketing specialist gives him the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of seniors who need a little compassionate care as they grow older.

“Working in senior care is a way to honor my grandpa and grandma who taught me so much and cared for me,” Derek says. “Grandpa and grandma’s house was a three-story, tiled house on the edge of a rice field. There is no TV or home computer. The only electronic product they have is an ancient semiconductor radio. Almost every afternoon my grandfather would put me on the back seat of his bicycle and take me fishing. I remember as a young child feeling so safe with my arms wrapped around his thick waist. Grandma made my favorite candy pie, one that is as big as my face. I could eat two or three at a time!