Meet Our Amada Corona Senior Care Team

Peter Shen  | Owner

Peter is available to our clients as an experienced and knowledgeable senior care advisor to make suggestions on the best care arrangements to suit individual needs and to answer any questions that may arise at any time.  

Peter believes seniors are a special group of people, and he feels it is both an honor and a great pleasure to be able to provide in-home care and support services for them and their families. “I was raised by my grandparents and I have so much love for them,” Peter explains. “To be in the position to care for our vulnerable seniors in different communities is such a meaningful vocation. I hope to do all that I can to see seniors flourish under our excellent care and to feel they are deeply loved and valued.”  


Arlene Bada | Scheduling & After-Hours Support: Office Manager

Arlene is the first point of contact for all scheduling needs that our senior clients and their families might have. Our caregiving team rotates on-call responsibilities to ensure that our senior clients are served 24 hours, 7 days a week by the trained caregivers who know them personally. 

“I came to Amada Senior Care in August 2016 not knowing what to expect but feeling that I wanted to serve,” Arlene says. “Prior to working here, I cared for my mom at home. I was my mom’s primary caregiver throughout the four years leading up to her passing. She always taught me and my sister to treat everyone, but especially our elders, with great respect and to care for them. While it was a challenge to care for her, especially when she needed more and more help as her condition worsened, I did all that I could to make her comfortable and she had peace of mind knowing how much I loved her and would never leave her side.”  

“Working at Amada, I want to make sure that all of our senior clients are being taken care of in the best way possible,” Arlene continues. “It’s a challenging career (not a job) that I enjoy day in and out. Amada Senior Care has shown me to courage to help those in need and those who need help with the tasks of everyday living. The hardest part of what I do is having to say goodbye when a client’s time comes. Though it saddens me every time, I nevertheless feel a sense of reward, joy and comfort knowing we were able to help the client and his or her family in their time of need.


Nora Liu | Billing & Payroll 

Nora handles long-term care insurance claims management for clients, along with other administrative financial responsibilities. As part of its wide range of client services, Amada Corona provide full documentation of services received for their clients’ convenience.  

“I have always been grateful for this opportunity since I could dedicate myself to the elderly we love,” says Nora. “I used to volunteer at a nursing facility in China, which made me aware that many elderly people can grow lonely, particularly if their children live far away and are not able to visit that often. I’m so happy being here at Amada Corona where we can provide the personalized care and genuine companionship to support a senior’s physical and mental health as they age at home safely. We provide that concern and want seniors to feel they are loved. 


Reeta Mathur | Recruiter  

Rita manages the interviewing and hiring of new employees and ensures that all caregivers and staff have received trainings and certifications as well as regular updates on CDC protocols regarding coronavirus and infection control.

“I was born and raised in India and moved to America in 2019, Reetha says.”  “I always had a passion for human resources and recruiting and have worked in HR since 2015. At Amada Senior Care, I find it rewarding to grow our team with Class-A caregivers, recruiters and care coordinators. ”   


Joy Douglass | Care Coordinator

Joy is responsible for organizing and arranging schedules between caregivers and clients, as well as training, educating and evaluating caregivers. In 2019, Joy was selected as an Amada 6Cs Value Award recipient for her outstanding service. Joy received the Committed Value Award for her professionalism and dedicated care to multiple senior clients. She was among just six caregivers in the Amada franchise system to be honored with the national recognition.

“I can honestly say I have been a caregiver at heart from a very young age, even before actually becoming a licensed caregiver,” Joy says. “Some might believe I am too caring, but what do they know? They are not me for a reason. I left a desk job in 2017 to care for my sister, who I found out was more ill than the family knew. She had not been properly managing her diabetes condition and this had led to symptoms of congestive heart failure. I moved her into my home with my children and got her back on regular doctor’s appointments. She had gone into a depression about her illness and thankfully was still seeing her therapist regularly. I was heartbroken when she passed away in 2018, my one and only sibling. Everything in my life changed. I restarted with a new foundation and my next step was joining Amada Senior Care, where I am proud and happy to be today. I am now the Care Coordinator, but still I am always first a caregiver at heart.” 


Derek Li | Marketing Specialist 

Derek oversees all marketing initiatives for Amada Corona, including social media platforms for which he creates videos and other content that educates and informs the public about senior care services. He feels his position as the team’s marketing specialist gives him the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of seniors who need a little compassionate care as they grow older.

“Working in senior care is a way to honor my grandpa and grandma who taught me so much and cared for me,” Derek says. “Grandpa and grandma’s house was a three-story, tiled house on the edge of a rice field. There is no TV or home computer. The only electronic product they have is an ancient semiconductor radio. Almost every afternoon my grandfather would put me on the back seat of his bicycle and take me fishing. I remember as a young child feeling so safe with my arms wrapped around his thick waist. Grandma made my favorite candy pie, one that is as big as my face. I could eat two or three at a time!