Evaluation of Home Services

I find your caregivers are very professional and compassionate. Their availability is very flexible in meeting our needs.

 by Vince Sedlmyer on Amada Senior Care Central Pennsylvania
Outstanding care and service

Brian Groff and his team of caregivers and logistical staff were amazing. Extremely trustworthy with strong customer and care focus. I was amazed with the level of service and flexibility from everyone.


I have been working for Amanda for over 2 years now and I can say they are by far, the best agency in the area. Communication is great, clients are wonderful and you get the feeling that they do care about you and your success.

Always there for you

This is the second time my family has used Amada Senior Care from my first initial contact with them it has been nothing but a positive experience. The caregivers go out of their way to make my family feel like a part of theirs if there has been a family emergency they have always been able to provide another caregiver. I would recommend them to anyone

 by Cindy Birkness on Amada Senior Care Central Pennsylvania
Above and Beyond

We have used Amada for several years now. We have an adult son with cerebral palsy and autism. Cathy and Melissa especially have been reliable and compassionate over the years. The schedulers do their best to fill needed time slots, even if it means the scheduler herself comes in at times.

Great Care

I have used Amada Senior Care for 3 years. I first hired them to care for my disabled sister, the caregivers were so kind and caring and enabled me to have some time off with out having to worry about her care. I now rely on Amada to care for my dad. At almost 95 he is able to remain in his home where he is most comfortable. The caregivers are amazing and provide care and companionship which he looks forward to. It is nice that I am able travel a little bit now and can be confident that the care he needs will be provided. The caregivers are great and the office staff is amazing. They are always able to provide the care we need, I am continually amazed at how they can fill schedules even with last minute changes due to illness or weather. Amada has positively effected my life, my sisters life and my fathers life. I am very thankful for the services that they provide!

GREAT Workplace!

Simply one of the best employers. Office staff are always very professional as well as being pleasant to speak to and work for. The great deal of care AMADA has for its clients goes both ways as employees are cared for just as much. I am very much so happy to be employed with the company and do not plan on leaving any time soon. Amada holds a very special place in my heart as our clients are lovely and unforgettable moments turn into cherished memories. Great workplace.

Office Manager - A team

I have had the pleasure to work with Amada Senior Care for over 3 years now and it has never been a negative experience inside the office or out. I enjoy talking to clients and caregivers as if they were my own family. The Amada Senior Care team in Mt. Joy is a great team to work with!

Great place to work

In February of 2017 I accepted a position with Amada just to get out of a hostile work environment. Since, this has become the best place I have ever worked. Most times I don't feel like I'm going to work, I feel like I'm getting together with people I've developed great relationships, working for a management team I've also developed a great relationship.
When I leave a shift, I love to look and see the smiles on my clients faces and feel like I've done a good job.
I recommend Amada Senior care for anyone to work as a caregiver, you can choose your own hours to work for your personal lifestyle. Our office staff truly cares about all of the caregivers and are always willing to work around your needs.

 by Thomas A. Newnam on Amada Senior Care Central Pennsylvania
More than a "Job" - a Mission From the Heart

Being a Caregiver for Amada (which I have been for about two years now) is not just a job.
For myself - having already worked for over thirty years with people in need from all walks of life, (in various roles of counselling, including: probation officer, psychotherapist, family therapist and life coach) being a part of Amada's Mission of the Heart is one of the honors of my life. I could type for hours about the great people of genuine Good Will in this company. Beginning with the management team (which can not be beat for their intelligence, dedication, commitment to staff, clients and the client's families, and to their individual soul's mission to extend love and comfort to others. ((Victoria - the lead Angel - only hires people of solid character. My fellow caregivers - while we are of course different ages, different personalities, have different backgrounds, work different amounts of hours...and naturally have our own lives -including every day challenges and obligations - to a person...every other caregiver I've met on the Amada team exudes the compassion I would want to see if they were taking care of my parents. Really and truly - we are talking about an extraordinary great group of people. here. A diverse group, as I say (and believe is a good thing for any "team") for sure - but all working in the same frequency of love to do everything we can for our many (and also diverse) clients. I've witnessed caregivers, more times than I can count, going way beyond the 'call of duty' to provide comfort, reassurance and the best, most practical care possible to their beloved clients - many, if not most of whom would not be able to stay in their homes if not for the Amada team. And its simply par for the course - if and when necessary - for Victoria herself - or any of the other, incredibly competent office staff members - to drop everything and hurry to cover for any caregiver who may have an emergency preventing them from getting to a client's house on time or whatever. I know I probably sound biased - like maybe like I'm praising them a bit to much. But I'm old enough, experienced enough and dedicated enough to understanding and helping others, in alignment with my own heart - to recognize a kind soul when I meet them. If Amada was a sports team, their mascot would be a strong and mighty HEART. It truly is a beautiful company. - so valuable, so needed and so deeply appreciated by our clients:) Committed, collectively, to a purpose that I think beats all other missions - simply Caring for Those in Need. Its not a "job" to have the privilege and opportunity to help others, especially the most frail among us, in a time of need. Its my honor...And Amada's reason for existing.

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