Long-Term Care Insurance Basics

Many families worry about how they will pay for the costs of care for their senior loved ones. 

For a senior with non-medical needsoptions like health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid will not cover the costs of senior care.One of the best ways to financially prepare for long-term care is investing in a Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) policy. 

What does LTCi cover? 

  • Covers in-home care 
  • Covers Assisted Living Costs 
  • Covers Skilled Nursing 
  • Covers Memory Care Communities 

Not only does LTCi cover in-home care through home care providers, it also covers other options like assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care communities. Some of the key components to consider when purchasing an LTCi policy are the benefit amount, the benefit period and the elimination period. 

 Amada can help you understand and utilize your Long-Term Care insurance policy. 

We are advocates for families to help them find funding sources for care. In fact, Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) claims management is our specialty. As LTCi experts, we gladly help policyholders understand and verify their LTCi benefits. Our senior care advisors guide you through the process of reviewing and filing a claim so that you can start receiving your benefits as soon as possible. 

Call us today to take advantage of our free LTCi assessment. We can coordinate a conference call with you and your carrier to do the following: 

  • Identify and analyze the requirements of your policy, including elimination periods, daily maximum, lifetime benefits, and coverage 
  • Assist policyholders in completing the necessary forms to file a claim 
  • Bill the LTCi carrier directly, at policyholder’s request 
  • Aid in the responsibilities of payroll taxes, benefits, scheduling, bonding, workers’ compensation and general and professional liability insurance 

 Amada offers you a FREE benefits analysis 

We have established relationships with multiple LTCi insurance carriers and third-party administrators to make the claims process easier. Let us be your advocate. We want to help you receive your benefits and the compassionate care you deserve. Call today at 609-293-3855 to speak with one of our Long-Term Care insurance experts  for a FREE benefits analysis.