Help With Claims to Care Management

I am thankful to Amada Senior Care for helping us through one of the most challenging seasons of our lives. The owner Logan was kind and empathetic during our initial call. He guided our family in making the best choices for our loved one. We had the pleasure of working with Kyri, who is a rock star at everything from claims management to care management. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for Kyri, who is authentic, caring and will advocate for you or your loved one as if they were a member of her own family. Kyri is incredible and we could not have done this without her. Thank you, Amada!

 by Jeannette C. on Amada Senior Care Bergen County
Dedicated Efforts to Help My 90-Year-old Mom

I am writing this review today with utmost sincerity and an overflowing heart filled with gratitude. I want to express my deepest appreciation to a remarkable individual who went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me during an incredibly challenging time. Senior Living Advisor Fraser Holt’s unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in finding an assisted living facility for my 90-year-old mother, who is handicapped, has dementia, severe arthritis, and limited mobility, have left an indelible impact on my life.

With just a few weeks' notice that my mother's current living facility was closing, and with our limited financial resources quickly dwindling, I felt lost and overwhelmed. It was in this moment of despair that Fraser Holt entered my life, bringing with him a ray of hope and a helping hand.

Despite being a total stranger, Fraser selflessly devoted his time, energy, and expertise to find a suitable assisted living facility that could cater to my mother's unique needs. He left no stone unturned in his search, ensuring that every possible avenue was explored to secure the best care for my beloved mother. Fraser’s commitment to going the extra mile truly amazed me.

But, his assistance did not stop there. Recognizing the importance of navigating the complex world of Medicare and elder care law, this exceptional individual even connected me with an elder care lawyer. Through his network of resources and his genuine concern for my situation, he enabled me to access the necessary legal guidance, despite my exceptionally limited means.

Fraser’s compassion, empathy, and unwavering support during this difficult time have made an indescribable difference in our lives. The weight that was lifted off my shoulders knowing that my mother would be taken care of in a suitable environment, while also being able to navigate the financial intricacies, is something I will forever be grateful for.

To say that Fraser went above and beyond would be an understatement. He embodies the very essence of a guardian angel, stepping in when all hope seemed lost and restoring faith in humanity. His act of kindness has touched my heart in ways that words cannot adequately convey.

 by Kate Wallace on Amada Senior Care Bergen County
Excellent recommendation

My mother had been refused by many live-in facilities with her Early-Onset Alzheimer's progressing faster and faster. After having her in the hospital and in a rehab center which did not provide amazing service, Fraser was able to secure us a position in a Sunrise dementia care center with highly compassionate staff and well-trained staff. Fraser toured us a couple of facilities and managed to keep my mom OUT of a nursing home which was very important to us, considering her advanced phase of the illness. Very knowledgeable about locations and facilities and what they offer. Thanks for all of your help!

 by Art Stein on Amada Senior Care Bergen County
Navigating The System

We presented Fraser with a bit of unique problem. My stepmother and her husband, both in their nineties and both not eligible (under NYS law) for skilled nursing care, dementia, low income and other health-related problems that also preclude independent or assisted level care. Fraser worked tirelessly with my wife and I to come up with a solution which was a NYS Medicaid mandated assisted living facility in Rockland County. For the time being, we have sold their house in the Syracuse area and they will be moving in with us this November. We plan on continuing to work with Fraser once they are living with us and their healthcare needs inevitably change. Fraser possesses a rare skill of truly listening to his clients. We consider ourselves fortunate to be working with him.

 by Mark Rudiger on Amada Senior Care Bergen County

With Mom and Dad’s age and lack of ability to function on their own, we collectively (brothers and sisters) decided it was time to move them from their private residence to a Senior Assisted Living facility. Mom and Dad were in a rehabilitation facility, primarily for physical therapy. We felt that this rehab was the proper place for them while they worked on their aging issues. The rehabilitation center they were in, recommended that we look into Amada Senior Care for assistance and guidance, as we were navigating through this process. Fraser Holt, Amada Senior Living Advisor contacted me, asking for the opportunity to show housing options for Mom and Dad. I was reluctant, but out of curiosity I said to my self, “ I’ll give Fraser 5 minutes”. Boy was I wrong. We spoke for 30 plus minutes and I did not want our conversation to end. I found Fraser to be very caring with my situation, and Fraser’s abundance of information was off the charts. I was not pressured into making any decision, and Fraser left the line of communication open when I had questions. Fraser and I spoke frequently with lengthy conversation’s. I had questions and Fraser was able to answer with a care and compassion. Fraser set up a time and date to tour the facility that he recommended. I was immediately sold when I walked through the door. Fraser worked out all the particulars, to get Mom and Dad in.. Mom and Dad are now in a roomy studio, with all the amenities, to include; dining room meals, laundry service, room service, activities, 24/7 nursing staff, aids to help Mom and Dad and the list goes on. Fraser Holt and Amada Senior Care you get “5” stars. Congratulations for your excellent hard work.

 by Angelo Cofrancesco on Amada Senior Care Bergen County
Invaluable assistance

Fraser Holt was fantastic! When we started the search for placing our parents in an assisted living facility, we had no idea on how to proceed. Enter Fraser! Fraser was very patient with us and walked us through the entire process. He set up all the interviews and facility tours and accompanied us to them. We were able to place our parents in a facility most suited for them based on his recommendation and we couldn't be happier. We would never have made it through this process without him! We highly recommend Fraser for anyone that needs assistance in placing a loved one in the right facility.

 by Hilaury Stern on Amada Senior Care Bergen County
Excellent guidance

My husband, mother and I met with Logan Outerbridge, CEO and co-owner of Amada Senior Living today. My mom is a sharp, very healthy 91-year-old. Logan was offering his services to review extended care policies for residents of her independent living facility. We didn’t know what to expect, or whether this was going to be a sales pitch. But far from a “hard sell”, Logan patiently reviewed mom’s policies and gave us good sound advice that made perfect sense. Luckily, my mom isn’t ready for Amada’s services yet, but if and when she is, we will call on Logan to help us navigate the next step of her care. I highly recommend him for families needing guidance when the time comes to step up the care of their loved ones.

 by Evelyn Robertson on Amada Senior Care Bergen County

I am so very thankful to Amada Senior Care. When I was first in the hospital, and was unable to go home without assistance, Amada was able to find caring, compassionate caregivers who I am still using today. Erin is wonderful. and has always taken the time with me to make sure I am comfortable with my caregivers. She has always communicated with me and is very responsive when I contact her. I am also working with Kyri, my care manager, who helps me with coordinating my medical needs, appointments and any other things I need. am so grateful that I found Amada and I recommend them to anyone who needs a caregiver or care manager.

 by Michael Klein on Amada Senior Care Bergen County
So Glad I found Logan and team!!

In short, I met Logan through a referral. After a consultation, I immediately knew, not only that I needed the service, but that Logan was extremely knowledgeable and that he was the type of person I could work well with. Logan, thank you for all the help. My mom and I are very glad we met you.

 by Barbara Sabatini on Amada Senior Care Bergen County
Thank you

I called Logan after I received what I consider to be a rude, threatening letter from my Long-Term Care insurance provider. Logan was pleasant, caring and kind, and spoke with me as if I was a longtime client. What was even more important was that he is extremely knowledgeable about LTCi and gave me excellent advice. I can't thank him enough!

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