Care Management

We offer a comprehensive program run by highly experienced licensed social workers to help clients
manage their care while providing a peace of mind for the family. Care Management includes designing highly personalized care plans, advocating for the senior when necessary, and ensuring the client receives the kind of comprehensive care and enrichment that addresses all mental, physical, and emotional needs.

Services under this program include, though are not limited to:

  • Advanced Care Planning and ongoing support/care assessments
  • Advocating for the client with regular status updates
  • Medication management
  • Transportation and assistance with errands
  • Accompanying the client to medical appointments
  • Assisting with mail and bills
  • Insurance navigation
  • Providing resources in the community when needed
  • Transitional care coordination / facility placement assistance
  • Checking in on clients who are living in a residential community and reporting back to family
  • Crisis management (emergency room, etc.)
  • Mental health support and counseling

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