In-Home Care

At Amada, we are committed to delivering exceptional care. Our focus is on transforming everyday activities into moments of joy and meaningful interaction. The in-home caregivers at Amada do more than just handle essential tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping; they strive to bring happiness to their clients’ lives. For instance, one caregiver, learning her client had a lifelong passion for farming, bought seeds and started a garden with him, nurturing both the plants and their bond. At Amada, in-home care transcends routine task completion. We recognize the challenges seniors face in adjusting to new limitations and welcoming a caregiver into their homes. Our caregivers are dedicated to building genuine relationships with their clients, easing the transition into receiving care.

Daily Care Assistance

Amada’s caregivers are professionally trained to offer support with personal care and daily life activities, including:

  • BathingDressing
  • Cooking and feeding
  • Medication reminders
  • Exercise and walking support
  • General housekeeping
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Assisting with toileting
  • Providing non-medical aid

Specialized Caregiver Skills

In addition, Amada’s caregivers bring specialized skills to cater to the more intricate needs of seniors. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge and training to monitor health indicators, manage chronic conditions, and administer basic medical care when necessary. They work closely with families and healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic approach to care. For example, a caregiver may assist with exercises prescribed by a physical therapist, or help manage a special diet for a client with dietary restrictions.

Comprehensive Caregiving Experience

Furthermore, our caregivers understand the importance of mental and emotional well-being. They engage clients in stimulating activities, such as memory exercises, light-hearted conversation, or hobby-related projects, to keep their minds active and spirits high. They are also trained to recognize signs of emotional distress or cognitive decline, ensuring timely intervention and support. This blend of professional skill and compassionate care ensures that Amada’s senior clients receive not just physical support, but a comprehensive caregiving experience that nurtures their overall well-being.