by Kelly G on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
Great company to work for !!

I’ve worked its amada senior care university place for over a year and have enjoyed everyday. They are a great Company to work for they always are polite and helpful always willing to answer any of my questions. They have always found clients for me and work with my schedule. They care about their staff and clients and go above and beyond .

 by James on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
Great Company to work for

Compassion, communication and urgency are important when picking a home care agency. Amada represents each of these. I highly recommend Amada Senior Care to all folks looking for a quality in home care company.

 by Alani Lange on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
Amazing Company to Work For!

I worked with Amada for just over a year and it was so amazing! The Amada team is helpful, caring, and on top of things; Brandi and Lisa being some of the best people I've ever worked with, as well as all the admin, training, and other employees. Their goal is clear; Helping older adults with anything they might need. I learned so much from both the training they gave, and the job itself, and Amada cares about its employees; I was checked on through chats and phone calls, communication was never an issue, and there were always reminders for us caregivers to take care of ourselves too. It can be a hard job, but it is worth it.

 by Anna S on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
Caregiver/ CNA

Amada is a great company to work. I have been working for them for just less than a year. Amada cares about its clients and staff. The Office staff is great always helpful. I would recommend this company for my senior family needs. The quality of care that the staff and company shows is amazing. Overall great place to work for and be taken care of.

 by Liz Capibianco on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
Comfortable company to work for

I have been working for Amada for a couple of years. They have always been caring about the caregiver and match us caregivers with the right clients that fit our skills

What a comfort it was to our friend and her family that she was recieving the care she needed. It could have been a very different story if it hadnt been for you and your team. Thanks again.

 by Trena L Jennings on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
Wonderful Care

Amada is the third company I have tried as a client and am very pleased with the job scheduler Kerry is doing. She has been wonderful in making sure I get the care that I need and am supposed to get per my care plan. Kerry has made sure that I have someone when an appointment couldn't be at the time of my normal caregiver, that I still have someone to take me. Kerry has assigned a wonderful caregiver named Theresa. She also is in the correct field because she is a terrific caregiver and really cares about the clients as well. Please pass this review on so they know that they are appreciated for the great job there doing.

 by Roseanna Brookhouser on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
A Caregiver Who Loves Amada Senior Care

Where do I start? First off, let me begin by telling you I'm a caregiver and 1-1/2 years ago I began my journey with Amada Senior Care Tacoma. Something told my gut this was the place to be. I had worked for another large caregiving company in the area that really put a bad taste in my mouth because they were all about the money. Long story short, I found Amada and my moment to shine as a caregiver came to life. From the moment I applied to the end of my employment, my experience with Amada was nothing less than amazing! I finally had found a company that cared not only about the well being of their clients, but for their staff as well. Sadly, that is hard to come by.

What made my experience special was the owner, Robert Christensen, took a special interest in each and every case making sure every single client and caregiver were happy, had what they needed, and if they didn't, he went out of his way no matter the time of day, day of the week to make sure they did. I've had many conversations with Robert over the phone, and every single time I felt like I mattered in his company -- actually, I felt more like family. Not only that, my clients felt the exact same way!

In November, I was chosen for Caregiver of the Month and received a bonus. It was nice to be recognized for my hard work and efforts. Because sometimes in this field, the caregivers go unnoticed and underappreciated. May 19th, 2017 was my last day with Amada Senior Care and it was with heavy heart I had to say goodbye, but my life's journey took me south to Florida for my daughters schooling. Unfortunately, at this time Amada doesn't have a branch in St. Petersburg, Fla., yet, but as soon as they do I will be first in line to apply!

If you are a potential client needing any kind of caregiving assistance or you are a caregiver looking for a lifelong amazing journey, then please heed my words, Amada Senior Care is as far as you need to look. If I could have taken my clients and the company with me, I would have in a heartbeat. Amada Senior Care Tacoma is beyond a five-star rating in my book! Thank you, Robert, for such an amazing opportunity and all of your outstanding support. I'll definitely miss my Amada Family.

 by John S. on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
LTC Insurance Experts

Thank you so much for helping out my parents. I don't know what I would have done without your expertise and experience working with their insurance company. We would have had no idea what to do or what to say to the insurance company about using their policy to pay for care. It's such a relief to know they are in good hands. The care they are receiving has been excellent. I love the family portal that allows me to see how everything is going from afar. I'm so glad we found Amada Senior Care.

 by Mike N. on Amada Senior Care Tacoma
Amazing Service!

Thank you AMADA Senior Care for helping a family friend with MS who ended up in the hospital while her children were far away on vacation. Paulett dropped everything and went straight to the hospital to see how she could help. That was unbelievably awesome! Our friend was relaeased from the hospital the next day and your team took her home and cared for her while her family finished their vacation and headed home. What a comfort it was to our friend and her family that she was recieving the care she needed. It could have been a very different story if it hadnt been for you and your team. Thanks again.

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